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Exams are over… or are they ?

Posted on December 13, 2006. Filed under: Teen life |

So my blasted exams are finally over to sum it up Physics and Chem sucked , Maths was good , IT and both my English papers were superb! Yeah,that quite sums it up.

After the exams I watched Dhoom 2 , but I like it very much ! And the critics who say that it doesn’t have a story can go eat their own shit! And I was chosen to play Antonio in the Merchant of Venice , which will be presented at our annual function. Then I was made Bassinio because our English teacher thought that I suited the role better. My delivery was cool , I was pretty happy with my presentation during my first and only rehersal as Bassinio!!! Yeah that’s right.

But then came the big blow , I was dismissed from playing Bassinio because I wore glasses…? What the fu*k ?!! Bassinio don’t wear glasses. OK. But then I was made Gratiano . All I get is two blasted lines in the entire play , but I get the prettier girl… 🙂

For the first time in my life I felt that my glasses were a handicap , but I guess I will have to live with it….

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