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Warcraft 3 music video !

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I’m turning into quite the video editor , after all those crappy and some cool amvs! I had been planning to make a video from the cinematics of Warcraft 3 for quite a long time , so finally 2 days ago I sat down and made this one. The song – Bring Me To Life by Evanescence , one of my all time favourites ! The song has the perfect mood for the video , chk it out to see it…

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Warcraft 3 goes 1.21a and I have the NO CD Crack!!!

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Yup , the boys at Blizzard have done it again ! They’ve released a new patch for Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne and now the version number has reached 1.21 a! I guess the epic Warcraft legacy continues in patch 1.21! Read legacy of the patches! While I’m typing this , I’m searching for a NO CD Crack for this patch so that I can run the game! Before you start blaming me for spreading piracy , lemme tell u that I no longer have my original Frozen Throne CD , it was wasted a long time ago , I only have a backup disk that requires a NO CD Crack to run the game. Hey , I’ve found one ! I hope this works with…

I heard that the Blizzard guys did something to good old and now u can’t play on it if you’ve got NO CD Cracks. Somebody please tell them that CDs aren’t immortal! If they are so worried why don’t they release official NO CD patches that requires a CD KEY to download it…. That would put an end to their worries about piracy. Oh well , they do have that system of sending the empty box for a new CD , but who the hell is gonna wait 2 months for the new CD to come…????

Hey , this NO CD crack works(Still haven’t tried it with,though). I’m uploading it on Megaupload, Rapidshare and Filefont. Here is the link for the patch

Here are the links for the NO CD Crack…

Megaupload – (High Speed)

Filefront –;6988494;;/fileinfo.html (High Speed)

Rapidshare – (High Speed)

Well that’s it for now…

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Oh and BTW check out my new AMV…

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Whoa , long time no see eh ?

Posted on March 10, 2007. Filed under: tech talk, Teen life |

Well to put it , I’d say that I was busy , real busy ! Well I was busy studying , making up for time that I lost throughout the year. Then I was upgrading my PC and then I was too lazy to post some stuff.
But I made my first AMVs (Anime Music Video)
Well here they are…
My first AMV , i’ve titled this Janemab Rules , quite frankly I think this ain’t very good.

Then comes my 2nd AMV which I think is quite nice.

Tell me how they are…

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