Warcraft 3 goes 1.21a and I have the NO CD Crack!!!

Posted on March 21, 2007. Filed under: tech talk |

Yup , the boys at Blizzard have done it again ! They’ve released a new patch for Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne and now the version number has reached 1.21 a! I guess the epic Warcraft legacy continues in patch 1.21! Read legacy of the patches! While I’m typing this , I’m searching for a NO CD Crack for this patch so that I can run the game! Before you start blaming me for spreading piracy , lemme tell u that I no longer have my original Frozen Throne CD , it was wasted a long time ago , I only have a backup disk that requires a NO CD Crack to run the game. Hey , I’ve found one ! I hope this works with battle.net…

I heard that the Blizzard guys did something to good old battle.net and now u can’t play on it if you’ve got NO CD Cracks. Somebody please tell them that CDs aren’t immortal! If they are so worried why don’t they release official NO CD patches that requires a battle.net CD KEY to download it…. That would put an end to their worries about piracy. Oh well , they do have that system of sending the empty box for a new CD , but who the hell is gonna wait 2 months for the new CD to come…????

Hey , this NO CD crack works(Still haven’t tried it with battle.net,though). I’m uploading it on Megaupload, Rapidshare and Filefont. Here is the link for the patch http://www.blizzard.com/support/?id=mwr0642p

Here are the links for the NO CD Crack…

Megaupload – http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3PE2CKOY (High Speed)

Filefront – http://files.filefront.com/121nocdzip/;6988494;;/fileinfo.html (High Speed)

Rapidshare – http://rapidshare.com/files/22037839/1.21nocd.zip.html (High Speed)

Well that’s it for now…

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Oh and BTW check out my new AMV…


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215 Responses to “Warcraft 3 goes 1.21a and I have the NO CD Crack!!!”

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Thnx for crack my original cd gone long time ago now i can play 😉

Big thanks for the crack man!

Thanks 😀

please help!!!, i cant download it i tryd ur links plz go though easy 4 me 2 get the no cd 4 frozen throne!! please any1 help or teen

The one from filefront worked for me, try again.

when i move the warIII.exe from the nocd file to my wcIII file and try to run the game i get an error message saying: “the ordinal 570 could not be located in the
dynamic link library storm.dll”
plz hlp

Redownload the game. then apply the patch 1.21. After that then you appy the crack. If you apply the crack then the patch it won’t work. Just something I wanted to point out to you all.

well tom, did you upgrade with the “quick” patch from 1.20e to 1.21 or from older versions with the universal one? that’s probably the problem if you didn’t

and nick, the filefront one works, try that

and teen, big thanks man, I lost my whole battle chest for warcraft 3 years ago, really helped me get back to playing Warcraft III again

george, i tried the 1.21 patch . didn’t work . said the same thing…..

OK , why don’t u re-install the game , re-patch it and then put the crack..
That otta work , 100 %..

lol asshole your fucking file does not work in bnet. wft with single player or custom game ? want to play bnet so dont write such bullshit ever again. u dont have a crack for bnet fucking nooob

the thng is i cant crack it
my fake cd doesnt have the crack folder
and ur link doesnt seems to b working when i put it in my folder
that has been upgraded as it is “v.2.63”

Personally, i think its better u just download one of the cd image from GameBurnWorld.com and mount the image cus it doesnt matter what version your W3 is, u can still play the game without an updated NoCD Crack

Toyol could u give me the direct link to download the images? cause i can’t seem to find it

Thnx for the links 🙂

wow thanks alot… its great..

it works, thanks, but what about battle.net? i can’t go there

yeah…bnet is kind of important…how do i make it work?

A bit off topic but which song is it in the AMV ?

thx a lot

Never mind I got it! It’s Black Clouds by Papa Roach … Geez if only I had seen the first screen of the AMV 😛

Battle.net doesetn work but single play does. Thanks for trying….

i’m using warcraft version 1.21 now, but I cant connect to battle net.. It said pls update to the current version.. what should I do?? pls helpp!!!

this actually works! it is recommended that you backup your war3.exe and the worldedit.exe files into another folder before copying over the three in this download. If you want to play your friends, instead of bnet, just use hamachi. then you can go into LAN and still play them.

good patch.


I am only interested in playing single player, that’s it, not battlenet. But I still can’t figure out how to get this bugger to work. It constantly says, “Please Verify that Frozen Throne Cd-Rom is in, then click Retry.” How EXACTLY do i get this to work? Which link do I download from?




hey,thnx 4 the crack but i cant play any downloaded maps like dotA.

is there any solution?

Hey, thanks for the NoCD download links!

Why would u play on original and have troubles finding a cracks and other stuff when u can play on PvPGN server for Warcraft 3 mhh?

You rocks mAN! Now I have the No CD! ThANKS!

so how do i update the bnet current version hlp me pls

where do you move the patch?

damn, u dont need bnet. Bnet is so full of noobs why dont u try zion instead, athough there are still noobs but its much easier to get games for dota

how i will put the crack into the game?firstly i will patch the game and then i will crack it?

how i will find a cd key for battle net if i don’t have the original game?

I got the game, but my cd is gone, what shall I do then? 🙂

nice amv!

for battlenet setup, here is the link:
to patch you need original war3.exe&worldedit files. they are also included.
hf gl

Great! It worked just fine for me. Thanks man.

How is it you work the battle.net file which you linked Jack? I downloaded the file but am inable to move it from your file to the W3 folder…

ehh, jack? isnt that v 1.20e? And if thats so you cant play on bnet right?

ow shit:P i didnt see the last part XD


just crack it and use zion. a substitute for bnet

Dont download jack’s file it contains virus.. Trojan-Spy.Win32.Ardamax.e

yo how do u work the crack?
i dled it
now what do i do?

and if it does have a trojan spy where can i dl it without any viruses and have a decent walthoguh

uhhh Hi How do you get this Zion dealy?
Please Tell me =) Oh and dota sucks!

I cant install the patch… it tells me :

Registry error loading key ‘Warcraft III\InstallPath’
The system cannot find the file specified

Please tell me what to do, step by step..thanks in advance.


try that?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? im downloading it atm


Hey, i dont get it, how do play on bnet whitout my cd? i have tried all the things some of u has writed, but nothing has worked… please someone help me!

screw you all i cant play on btlenet i and i tryed everythin’ just buy a original cd (about 50 euros) jippi ka je mutherfuckers….

playing the game that has many problems make you always worry and trouble sleeping at night. So just hang out with your friends and enjoy life.. Stop being desperate to play the game that has no probability that it will work right.. Love yah all!

By the way.. THANKS!!! If you want to talk to me if your in the philippines call me in my mobile phone #.. 09224661385.. I will try and help you execute the game.. love yah again.. =p
Im so happy!!!!!

i downloded it can sum 1 tell me wat 2 do next. i hav the folder with three files now wat do i do. plzzzz tell….plz….plzzzzzzzzpplllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.plz……plzzz 😦

thanks a lot, im looking for this crack….

Follow this steps after you download it:
1. Open the file you have downloaded using winrar or zip but i prefer winrar coz it is what im using.
2. Select all the files inside that winrar and extract/paste it to your warcraft III folder
3. A message will appear just click “Yes to all”
4. Open the game(just how you usually open the game).. And thats it.. Your now in the game. Enjoy!

Look guys the problem is we have patch 1.21a for battle net you need fuckin 1.20 E and thats the problem…..

thanx for the info…

Can anyone pls help me ?? i want to patch my warcraft to 1.21a but everytime i run patch i get an error : The program was unable to find a file required to patching.

I was instal patch 1.21a but i need crack. can you help me?

he tould me i need insert cd in cd rom

Use Virtual CD. Then you can play on Bnet Using an Image of your CD but it takes up space(600+Mb) on your drive. try using GGClient if you don’t want to have space taken up or don’t have a CD

I have a link to a working no cd crack for 1.21a send me a emial at pfcroberts@yahoo.com if u want the file weyll talk on yahoo messanger.

You guys are noobs .. I know how to fix the battle.net thing. When you click battle.net and if it doesnt let you in saying somekind of error then just close the game , go to your internet connection and disable your firewall. Then , with your firewall disabled , open Frozen Throne again and click battle.net. Then create an account and have fun =)

Pwnnnageeee Noooooooooob

Thanks you a millions. i’m searching it for ages.

guys how to download the crack??

i confused..

i lost my cd..
now cannot play dota..
how to dowload

Thanks… For the crack…
We love you… Crack makers…

does noone play MELEE??? OMG I CANT PLAY DOTA ANYMORE… well i cant play melee with my clan… ya fuck blizzard… my computer wont read my cd anymore… and guess what i did… i cleaned it… like wtf… i bet it will work tomorrow again… just cuz my computer is a pissy whore… MELEE PPL… and not 3v3 or 4v4! 1v1!!!!! or 2v2!!! NOT random team…
btw… the cd images is the best route to go… Demonoid.com (great torrent site) and Azureus.com (or bittorrent… same shit) GL HF

well it worked on my computer but i dont remember how i did it.and i want to install it on my friends comp so we can play the pvpGn server or w/e its called together and when i try to extract it it says it cant find ordinal 570 and when i try to run war3.exe it says it does not have storm.dll.Help plz?

wen i try bbattle net it says unable to validate game version….wat do i do please help. i have got 1.21 but battle net still does not work

plz help the patch can not be applied because of a message that says it can’t patch the war. exe! what should I do?

i aplied heaps of 1.21a patchs but my warcraft still stays as 1.20e its so weird. Can someone tell me the problem

guess, what, i have a cd, in perfect order. i can even use it to install the game on another computer, i still NEED the no CD crack…. I need to visit computer hardware store some day cause my CD-rom broke down(so i can’t use a fake or pacement cd) and i just can’t get the thing working. I have 1.21a, which download would work? where do i get a virtual cd?

by the way
i got the one the teen posted and it’s working(without bnet of course) that’s a start, anyway have a working one for bnet? i don’t care if it use up space, it’s my fav beside WoW(which discontnued for now due to parental problems) so i’m willing to use 10GB on it. thank you

to someone
you have to apply the patch, just downloading it won’t work. i am not sure how because i never used the download but my guess is that u have to open it up(the download that is) or try to connect to bnet on frozen throne(which should give a download bar at 100% and will automaticlly update) zince u probably are unable to upen frozen throne BECAUSE it is not 1.21a, try downloading the 1.20e no cd crack from the internet and then open up and update frozen throen to 1.21 via opeinging bnet then put ur 1.21a no cd crack back in
this is so complicated…. my starcraft one worked under 2 min with bnet and everything….

but ive installed patchs but not the bnet orginal one i try that one but error comes a t just the end of istallation and says war.exe cant patch this and etc but i got original war.exe

emmm…… try put back original one and repatch then put in crack(copy the war3 first) into the copy. do 1 file at a time instead of all 5 or 6 icons. see if u can isolate the no cd crack and up date the specific file. if u can’t, try downloading diffrenet versions of the crack off diffrenet web site. i can’t connect to bnet myself right now…. i’m trying alternative solutions. if i find one that works, i’ll post it.

is there any way to play orig. b.net with no cd crack and no cd key?

Thanks dude for the links it helps me a lot cuz cd’s can break in the cd drive

to oFn
well, that’s the darn weirdest thing I’ve ever heard…. at least u’d like a crack…
but yes, you can. get deamon and get a virtual warcraft cd. get the game by installing using the virtual or a real cd. then u can do it. but u do need a cd key, either urs or one that can be found on-line( there are people that post it along with no-cd crack or virtual cd or it can be part of the download package)
However, there is a tiny problem with it, if other ppl is online with the same key as u have, u can’t get on to bnet. then there is the problem with the majority of virtual cd will either be detected or don’t work to start with. the few that works well is hard to d/l due to the fact u will likely have to sign up at a website that is somewhat exclusive(because it’s a good thing) i tried to get one, but it won’t let me sign up just now….

Thanks for the no-cd ^_^

thanks for the crack i finally found a working one… but i have a problem the game loads up but when i click battle.net it says that my modem is invalid or something like that, something about i need to connect directly to the internet which i am using a router can anyone help me out thanks

Hi there,

Guys, even if you have the original game installed and a original CD-Key applyed to your game, it wont let you connect to B.NET, it says that cant verify your game version bla bla bla… But you can open the game and play LAN or Single Player.

If you dont have a Original CD-Key, please be sure, no crack, neither this, nor any other will help you to play on B.NET stop folling yourselves.

You can try Eurobattle.net, its a non official B.NET server, and it will accept you with any CD-Key even the ones made by a key-Gen software. But remember, you will find out that its hard to play a whole game becouse of the leavers.

My CD-Rom drive stopped working, so I tried this no-cd-crack, like I said no B.net, I’ll have to make a CD-Image on my Notebook, transfer to my PC via LAN and use daemon tools.

Thanks anyways.

Right, I’ve got a NOCD crack along with a BattleNet loader or something. well even with the battlenet loader it still wont let me on to b.net, is ther any, any, possible way to get this to work, i have an original CD key, just no cd…

I got it to work yes i can play battle.net aswell 😀

Hmmm. i Do it, but i also get the client for a private server i play on and when i try to connect to it it says it is unable to to manually patch the current version. Any ideas?

thanks dude…Ya-Ha!!!

😛 im a cracking noob, how do i use this?

Ok here are the steps to get it to work,
1)download the patch up there, and install it.
2)Go on this website http://www.wiretarget.com/games/pc_warcraft_3_ft.shtml#WarCraft%203:%20Frozen%20Throne%20v1.21a%20%5BMULTI%5D%20Fixed%20EXE
and download the crack called WarCraft 3: Frozen Throne v1.21 [MULTI] No-CD/Fixed EXE its by hellkiller and the intructions are on there, and b.net will work for sure. 😀

guys help!! here’s my problem

Blizzard BNUpdate v2.129 compiled on Nov 2 2006
Log created at 10:28 am on 10/06/2007

This patch upgrades Warcraft III The Frozen Throne from the previous version.

ERROR: unable to apply patch to file ‘D:\ron’s files\DOTA\Warcraft III\maps\(4)LostTemple.w3m’

RESULT: Patch failed

what should i do?? HELP!!!

Thanks dude

hey tell me how to download and then how to make it work bacause i need to play battle.net

oi kailangan ko ng cd key magbigay kau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mga putangina kayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fuck uuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok…. my Bnet still don’t work… and now my starcraft is crushed too. It could play bnet before, but now there is a new update or something and I can’t load it. Anyone know what bllizzard is doing to make patching not work? cause at least in starcraft i logged on to the Bnet, it says need new software but applying of the software crushed. Warcraft does the same thing with manual patching. Please advice on how to patch. Note: my CD drive’s broken… although i still have all the CDs and CD keys…

please help me! im still on 1.20!
i tried the crack(no cd 1.21 w3tft).. pasted it… run it.. and still 1.20!
I need 1.21 so that i can play on Zion.. dont need bnet shit!
i cant re-install coz i dont have the warcraft cd!

works fine thanks for the help

WTF, I cant use Bnet Coz it is screwed up WTF and the bnet shit from jack was Virus infected

hey…. i dont have a CD Crack… but…. my WC 3 doesnt work anyway…. it goes up to the main menu and crashes… PLZ HELP

Working . thankx for sharing..
Working Enough Good.. lan playrox

didnt tryonline.. but i dont like online..

hi all, i need help, i have some crack, but when i try to connect to battlenet it says unable to connect it is inpossible! what to do?

man you have saved me with this crack..

yo man….

this crack is good it acually works but how come it no work on bnet??

hey i need a crack

LoL, if you wanna play on Battlenet without a CD then just download the ISO file of Warcraft 3 and download Daemon Tools to play it, it’s actually simulates that you have the Warcraft 3 CD inside your drive when you really don’t! *^_^*

hey this might be a very stupid question… but…

how do u get it to work?

do you put the file somewhere?

or do you run something?

my warcraft works but the frozen throne not works i need no cd crack
somebody help me

When frozenthrone.exe is run it also runs war3.exe
war3.exe checks for the cd
Also when you try establishing a connection to B.net it validates your war3.exe folder. So when its cracked your screwed.
Solution: load up warcraft with cracked war3.exe, minimize, move cracked war3.exe somewhere (cant delete cuz its ‘in use’) move correct war3.exe into warcraft III folder. and poof! B.net works

This sucks to do everytime so just go to
this program does it for ya

I finally got the patch and crack installed and the game is running the only problem is that the cd key that i am using is always in use is there any way around this.

hey how can i patch the file front on 1.21 Warcraft TFT its sais storm.dll was not found >.< nid elp!!!…

Okay, to sum things up here, the patch to play b.net online at gamecopy world as of today is infected with a trojan. If you have the original CDKEY, but your original cds are hooched for whatever reason, you can use daemon tools to simulate the cd being in the drive, and there’s no need to use a no cd crack or any other cracks for that matter. problems all solved.

Guys I figured out how to do it:
1. Download the crack
2. Extract into your Warcraft 3 folder
3. backup and delete your original worldedit.exe and war3.exe, then delete them frim this folder. now take Worldedit and war3 from the crack folder and paste them in the warcraft 3 folder
4. Plat the game!

Hope this helps!

One Question though… How would you get this to work on Frozen Throne?

FUCK YOUR ASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND U R MOTHER ASS TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its not working! I followed Rye’s instructions, and it worked, but now it jsut wont!

If your using vista and trying to go b.net u might wanna try right click the desktop icon and choose run as an admininstrator 🙂


how do i install it where do i put it the war3 and world edit plz i need help my email is smexymun@hotmail.com plz help me

it says “The ordinal 570 could not be located in the dynamic link library storm.dll.”

Thanks for sharing

Rye tyvm i couldn’t figure out where the fuck the crack goes, ty.


You are the best thank you so much

this works also now that dota is 6.50?

thanx for the crack . now i am able to play . can we also ploay online on this game. plzz tell me soon

The ordinal 570 could not be located in the dynamic link library storm.dll.

this also appear.. hmm

wut should we do??

MAAAAAAAAAAAN somebody just tell me if is going to work on battle.net or not?if isnt going to work….how could i play…without buying the original cd…plsssssss

Yeah but if they did the whole “Download with a CD Key thing” then one person that did manage to snag a cd key will get it and send it to heaps of people…

there is have world editor for DotA??? plsss givem me, i want to download thisT_T

Where can i download free pvpgn patch to play on battle.net

Does this work for Mac as well? If not.. does anyone have one for Mac?

Please email me links and instructions on how to do this without a cd and pre-existing game files. I would like to be able to play bnet frozen throne dota without buying the junk for it. email is t_bird321@hotmail.com any help is much appreciated.

Hey boy, ure i’m bless u, thanks…

Hey , when i want to enter bnet it says something wrong modem and thath ive got to conect manualy can some body help me ?

then i download and start this world editor its says trigger parameter error and there are 200 errors

Thnx teen both WarCraft ROC & TFT work except for the b.net. Anyway nice job ur an expert.:)

Hi!Pls help me!I want to play it on b.net.(my e-mail:prdavid@zalaszam.hu)Thanx!

i need worldedit.exe crack for 1.20/1.21 version… Please give it to my email…. And don’t forget to zip it first….. Thanks.

hey man, hw to use dis crack?? where should i extract it?

Ur linkz rox

You idiots should just buy wc3 from a store its only like 30$ its not expensive stop being idiots and buy it so you can play b.net. my acc is PiTCHFORK- and i play on Lordaeron (west) hit me up if you stop being cheap.

OOO R O Z E N T R H O N E!!!!!!!


I cannot get this fucking shit to work, still says insert cd and now it says somethin else after I extracted files into the warcraft III folder, fuck blizzard and this shit Ima just buy this gd game again

If you had actually read the patch notes, v1.21b disables the need for a CD (basically, it’s a built-in no-cd crack)

my frozen throne cd had a crack in it, fucked up thx to my cd drive, so i was forced to use cd image. Now bnet just updated i couldn’t use the image anymore. any sugguestion :**

i was using an old cd-crack and ever since 1.22 has come out, i’ve been unable to use my old (1.21b) crack to start the game, any suggestions? TT

Okay , aaron. 1st of all 1.21b doesn’t require a crack. It runs without the CD by default. So that’s ur problem and there , it’s solved.

Hello, I need some help. I can’t patch my 1.20e version of Frozen Throne to 1.21… Can somebody tell me how? I downloaded the patch but it wont work even if I run the program.. Please help me.

You need to re-install warcraft 3 and then patch directly to 1.21

i have an original cd… Since 1.22 came out i upgrade it and it ask me for cd even if cd is in ??? Some help plz :/

umm , 1.22 isn’t officially out yet

i want to download the dota allstar but i cant download it there is a critical error ..can u help me plsssssss,,

whaha! Thanks dudes! it works!!

if u cant go on bnet then try using a ggclient like Garena. theyre easy to use and are the exact same as bnet. do not use ggclient if u dont like dota coz EVERYONE plays it in any ggclient.if u like normal Warcraft then stick to custom games and single player

thx for crack man!!

thanks for the crack man….after so long at last i can play warcraft 3

What do I do with it like were do I pu t it?

Now when I startup warcraft I get an error it says:War3.exe -ordinal not found. The ordinal 570 could not be located in the dynamic link library storm.dll. Then I hit OK then it tries to load warcraft 3 tft and then it has the cd error deal and I put the contents of the 1.21nocd.rar into my warcraft 3 folder in c>programfiles>warcfraft III and IDK I would like some assistance heres my MSN email just try to be a help when you email me-THANKS

Now when I startup warcraft I get an error it says:War3.exe -ordinal not found. The ordinal 570 could not be located in the dynamic link library storm.dll. Then I hit OK then it tries to load warcraft 3 tft and then it has the cd error deal and I put the contents of the 1.21nocd.rar into my warcraft 3 folder in c>programfiles>warcfraft III and IDK I would like some assistance heres my MSN email just try to be a help when you email me-THANKS
OH AND UHHH HERE IS MY EMAIL samshytdffrntday@hotmail.com

i needs help i dont no where to put the files when there done plz help me plz email me at dodo-lovers@hotmail.com

p.s. im not that smart so make it easy please

p.s.s. thanks for the download

AMV aint bad dude. Whats the name of that song¿?

hey bro I want a battlenet patch because I cant run battlenet and i want to LAN on the net..plz help me out

When I try Bnet,it tells me I have an error trying to download the neccesarry files,and says I need more space when I have like 38gbs of fuckin space,wdf do I do?

i have same problem, wtf?!?!?!?!?!?! its bs i need help, any suggestions?

and i have 73Gigs

brand new computer, maybe 4 weeks old… windows vista… wtf is going on1?!?!?!?!?!! i need to practice for my W3 tournament at blizzcon!!!!

Hello. This is to be great if all of you didn’t ask same questions everytime.
I suggested that still using orig. War3.exe and worldedit.exe but using fakeCD plz tell to US if you have the link. Because the new utilities of world editor req. Orig. Worldedit.exe

wtf is this?


Hello, i’ve got a problem and i hope no one asked the same question before me 😛 . My brothers cd-drive is broken and it doesn’t read any cd, so i made a network between his computer and mine, transfering warcraft 3 across. Even though it’s the exact same file the game doesn’t work. I tried all the cracks ppl posted for dll, however none of them help my situation. If u can tell me step by step in an answer how to activate warcraft 3 so that i can play lan with my brother without having to use his cd drive, that would be great.

any1 help me.. when i try to run my warIII theres a message saying
“frozen throne was unable to detect a disc in your cd-rom please make sure your frozen throne disc in your cd-rom drive, then click on RETRY”
Godamn but my warIII cd is wasted!! i need help some1???

i think i do have the same probs as ajron dows?

OMG godamn!! when i tried to run my warIII there a note saying couldnt find game.dll??? whats that some1 help me with this

You have to install the patches first. Version 1.2x so u can play without that error.

help please!!!! for the storm.dll problem……. plzzzzzzz…help me please.. what should i do to play dota.. but it says that the ordinal 570 is blah! blah! blah! like that and i cant play in online and in lan also.. please help w/ this problem.. tnx!!

i cant download it!!!off:(( my phone number is 0763619022. plzz cal me:))

Thanks for the crack..
It really helped..

i think i might have the same problem, “storm.dll ” i think i might have to use the original cd to update the patches and then i should be good to go. i’m just using this for lan games with my brother in-laws. hopefully it works

thanks bro…
it works…

Hey storm.dll ordinal something something how am i going to fix this ? please Reply.. Email me @ sjmr_visda@yahoo.com


thanks its worked

try da one in rapid share

um… you can get almost any NO-CD crack from http://www.gameburnworld.com. Your welcome.

Thanks. =]

Thanks so much mate… We have the same situation, my orig. cd broke!!! can’t use it anymore… Thanks a lot…



Thank’s I’ll tray it 😉

big thrust of thanks!

tang ina

YESSS thank u finaly, I always hate it when I go through hours of searching and someone else finds it for me 😦 anyways I CAN PLAY IT AGAIN YAY. (I stuck the original in the toaster LOL, look at my name)

rar password why ?

i seem to have this problem, i just downloaded my warcraft 3 frozen throne version 1.07, i tried updating it using 1.21 and 1.24 but when the updater comes up it says that access is denied, the program wc3 exe has a problem. can someone help me, what is the problem?

hey how do i install this patch?



after i download the no cd crack. .what shoud i do next?

im using the original CD of warcraft how do u use this thing???

puto gay conchudo de mierda la puta que te pario

hey lol i’m very stupid can u please explain to me how the loader thing works cause it gives me errors would really be gratefull if you can help


i want cd key warcraft reign of chaos version 1.21a come on laa…. just give me plzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s nothing like hanging out with some friends at home playing the Modern Warfare 2 for the last few hours or so you’ll ever play it… Mobile Gaming Quality…Get Your Own Box !

u know, i have a better way to getthat game….i copied it from the cyber cafe nno need to be more trouble though…

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