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Harry Potter and the Attack of Fake Spoilers !?

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Yes, this should have been the title of the 7th book. To all HP fans and particularly to Jo , I have a confession to make…
I gave in to my temptations and to my impatience. I downloaded the carpet version of the *leaked* Deathly Hallows. As soon as it was done , I started feeling guilty.I wanted to wait till Saturday , read with the world and relish every word , every line , every chapter of Harry’s last adventure. I started reading and I was engrossed. I finished the book in 8 hrs. I was left feeling quite not that full. It was like I was reading some fan-fiction. Plot inconsistencies , conflicting lines and most importantly , the final duel between Harry and Tom Marvolo Riddle was only 1 paragraph…?! The sharp words (arse – Hermy to Ron , bitch – Molly to Bella) left me wondering if you (Jo) had written this . It is highly unlikely for a responsible mother like Molly Weasly to use such a word in front of her children.
What I did get from the book , was the explanantion of the Deathly Hallows. Or maybe not !? In today’s world of Photoshop and morphing , it’s hard to tell the real from the fake. And being an amateur digital artist , I know the power and responsibility that comes with using a software as versatile as Photoshop. I could see that some of those pages had tell-tale signs of being doctored.
And to the arse , who put those pictures up….
Moron , why don’t you go shove your ass up in a Jet Plane’s turbofan. Fag , even if this is the real thing , then you had no right to take our fun away. You thought you’d be clever and try to impersonate Jo..?! You idiot , no one can do that , not even with Polyjuice. Do you even know what that is ? You thought you’d fool us into believing that it was Jo’s writing ?! You moron, you forgot to be consistent. You just don’t feel the way Jo does with words. So,just shut the fu*k up and melt away into nothingness.
Why does this always happen in America ? I didn’t see the UK , Bloomsbury version being leaked. And if Scholastic is doing this for publicity , then I think it is very cruel on their part.
Finally to the fans ,
We just have a short time to wait , so why don’t we take our mind off spoilers and sing the Hogwarts song…. All with me than … ” Nitwit , Oddment , Blubber , Tweak”….
Hogwarts , Hogwats ,
Hoggy Warty , Hogwarts,
teach us something please.
Whether we be old and bald,
or young with scabby knees.
Our heads could do with filling ,
with some interesting stuff.
For now their bare and full of air,
dead flies and bits of fluff.
So teach us things worth knowing ,
bring back what we forgot.
Just do your best,
we’ll do the rest,
and learn until our brains all rot.
– In loving memory of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore ; Headmaster, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ; Order of Merlin , First Class, for Grand Sorcery; Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot;Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards and the best possible wizard ever to have been born.

Ever wondered what the Avada Kedavra looks like when it is heading for you….
Green Swirl.jpg
I call this Dumbledore’s End – The Green Swirl…

I made this in Photoshop and Apophysis. Aah ! With great power comes great responsibility…

No more spoilers please , let us wait with bated breath for the hour to come at last…
In the meantime , why don’t we share our experiences, fights , etc with out parents /siblings /cousins as to who gets the Potter first. Why don’t we all share what we had to go through to get a Potter book…

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Spider-fans arise!!!

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I finally saw Spiderman 3 (Yes , after this long a time) and I feel it’s the best Spiderman movie till date. I just loved how much depth each of the characters had , from Harry to MJ , even Gwen. What part of the movie did I love the most , the ending fight of-course.
“You came…” Peter tells Harry. And then it’s pretty much bad luck for Venom and Sandman. Talking about Venom , I loved Eddie Brock. Amazing absolutely amazing… , but coming to the point –  that was one hell of an amazing movie , downright to the part when JJJ gets conned by a kid into paying $150 for a camera and film. Amazing performances from all the actors , particularly James Franco and Toby Maguire.
Well ,  here are some Spidey sigs I made , feel free to use them in public forums…

Spiderman in the Iron Suit from the ongoing Civil War comics series.

Aah! The friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

The same sig , but with a shine.
Would love your feedback….

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I’m being haunted by Deathly Hallows

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Yes , that’s right. I am being haunted by Deathly Hallows. I’ve been trying to pre-order a copy from all big book-sellers in my town , but to no avail… 3 days and all I get is that ,” All our copies have been pre-ordered , we will get more by the 23rd… ” Damn it , I can’t wait that long. I was planning on finishing the book by 21st July midnight.
One hope is still left , and somehow , I know I will be able to get my copy from this place… Wish me luck!
On the other hand , more supposed leaks are coming up day after day , but this one looks real. Yes , I’ve read the Epilogue , the chapter names etc… I wish I had downloaded that…
It’s NOT a spoiler , it makes you want more of the book. Go ahead ad satisfy some of you curiosity…

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Yeah , that’s right…
I dedicate this to all the halfwits who overuse their immense powers of deduction to conclude that I am not a teenager….

For those of you , who wanna know what you’re all about , it’s like this y’all…
This is 10% muck , 20% chill , 15% diluted milk that is spilt.
5% pleasure , 50% shame and a 100% reason to go to hell !!!

I guess this was immature enough to show that I will be 17 this August.
So what , if I’m a tad bit mature for my age.
So what , if I like talking a geek like sometimes.
So what , if I wanna help people with their tech problems.
So what , if my girl-friend of two months broke up with me and I didn’t give a damn.
So what , if I like Dragonball Z.
So what , if I like making AMVs.
So what , if I like Photomanipulation.
So what , if I like exploring fractals in Apophysis.
So what , if I absolutely HATE DotA.
So what , if I love Warcraft 3.
So what , if I don’t appear to be a teenager…
You know what , I don’t care , whether you think I’m a teenager or not. I know who I am and what I am , and that’s what counts.
Oh and before you got to hell , do check these out and tell me how they are…

Voldemort sig , feel free to use it as your signature…

Gogeta sig , for all of you DBZ fans…

I photomanipulated the cover of the new LP album…

For more , go to my DeviantART page

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Improve and optimize your Photoshop CS3 performance!

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Adobe has done it again. It has given us another pathbreaking tool , Photoshop CS3. It is the best and most user-friendly edition of Photoshop till date. Here is a list of ways in which u can improve the overall performance of CS3 and make it faster.

1. Scratch Disks – This is like virtual memory , but especially for Photoshop. By default it is located in the root directory , but it is advisable to change it to a stable defragmented partition. It can be changed easily.

Edit – Preferences – Performance.

a – Check the Active box for each hard disk you want to contain a scratch disk. Uncheck the default selection.

    (Note – the partition with the scratch disk must have plenty of space and must be defragemented regularly)

b – Click OK.

c – Restart Photoshop.

2.Adobe Bridge – When the Automatically Launch Bridge preference is selected, Adobe Bridge will open when you open Photoshop, increasing the time it takes to open Photoshop. Turn off this preference in the General preference panel to reduce launch time for Photoshop.

To turn this option off:
a – Choose Edit – Preferences – General.
b – Deselect the Automatically Launch Bridge option.
c – Click OK.

3.Reducing History States – In Photoshop CS3, each history state that includes an operation that affects the entire image (for example, when you apply Gaussian blur to the entire image) creates a full copy of your image at its original size. The more the changes stored in history , the more the usage of the scratch disk.
To reduce History States goto

Edit – Preferences – Performance

For a more detailed list click here.
Here are some things I made with Photoshop CS3 –
1. Bloodlust – Simple Photomanipulation.

Bloodlust by ~IwW-RisINg on deviantART
Time taken 2-3 hrs

2. Showdown ( A wallpaper I’ve made for the GG-Game wallpaper making contest)

Showdown by ~IwW-RisINg on deviantART

Don’t forget to check out my DeviantART page.

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