Improve and optimize your Photoshop CS3 performance!

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Adobe has done it again. It has given us another pathbreaking tool , Photoshop CS3. It is the best and most user-friendly edition of Photoshop till date. Here is a list of ways in which u can improve the overall performance of CS3 and make it faster.

1. Scratch Disks – This is like virtual memory , but especially for Photoshop. By default it is located in the root directory , but it is advisable to change it to a stable defragmented partition. It can be changed easily.

Edit – Preferences – Performance.

a – Check the Active box for each hard disk you want to contain a scratch disk. Uncheck the default selection.

    (Note – the partition with the scratch disk must have plenty of space and must be defragemented regularly)

b – Click OK.

c – Restart Photoshop.

2.Adobe Bridge – When the Automatically Launch Bridge preference is selected, Adobe Bridge will open when you open Photoshop, increasing the time it takes to open Photoshop. Turn off this preference in the General preference panel to reduce launch time for Photoshop.

To turn this option off:
a – Choose Edit – Preferences – General.
b – Deselect the Automatically Launch Bridge option.
c – Click OK.

3.Reducing History States – In Photoshop CS3, each history state that includes an operation that affects the entire image (for example, when you apply Gaussian blur to the entire image) creates a full copy of your image at its original size. The more the changes stored in history , the more the usage of the scratch disk.
To reduce History States goto

Edit – Preferences – Performance

For a more detailed list click here.
Here are some things I made with Photoshop CS3 –
1. Bloodlust – Simple Photomanipulation.

Bloodlust by ~IwW-RisINg on deviantART
Time taken 2-3 hrs

2. Showdown ( A wallpaper I’ve made for the GG-Game wallpaper making contest)

Showdown by ~IwW-RisINg on deviantART

Don’t forget to check out my DeviantART page.


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Hey, it’s cool to see a blog by a guy, you don’t find too many around, especially not teenage guys. But, it’s questioning me how old you really are. You’re knowledge seems a lot higher than one of a teenage guy. Sorry if I offend you, but it just is odd to me. I’ve actually been looking for a guy blog buddie, so I can get advice and comments from, other than girls. Anyways, cool blog, still I don’t see how you could be a teenage guy….

ha ha , Well , I’ve been told that a lot of times… Read my other posts you will know…

HOLY CRAP! You can make CS3 FASTER? Thank God! Thanks~ [even if this comment’s a bit late..] 😀

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