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Yeah , that’s right…
I dedicate this to all the halfwits who overuse their immense powers of deduction to conclude that I am not a teenager….

For those of you , who wanna know what you’re all about , it’s like this y’all…
This is 10% muck , 20% chill , 15% diluted milk that is spilt.
5% pleasure , 50% shame and a 100% reason to go to hell !!!

I guess this was immature enough to show that I will be 17 this August.
So what , if I’m a tad bit mature for my age.
So what , if I like talking a geek like sometimes.
So what , if I wanna help people with their tech problems.
So what , if my girl-friend of two months broke up with me and I didn’t give a damn.
So what , if I like Dragonball Z.
So what , if I like making AMVs.
So what , if I like Photomanipulation.
So what , if I like exploring fractals in Apophysis.
So what , if I absolutely HATE DotA.
So what , if I love Warcraft 3.
So what , if I don’t appear to be a teenager…
You know what , I don’t care , whether you think I’m a teenager or not. I know who I am and what I am , and that’s what counts.
Oh and before you got to hell , do check these out and tell me how they are…

Voldemort sig , feel free to use it as your signature…

Gogeta sig , for all of you DBZ fans…

I photomanipulated the cover of the new LP album…

For more , go to my DeviantART page

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13 Responses to “GO TO HELL!!!”

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Listen, I didn’t mean to offend you or make you mad in any way. I was just stating that it is surprising to see a teenage guy actually show some intelligence. Out of all the teenage guys I’ve met, which is a lot, none of them seem to be this smart, or at least they don’t show it enough to know it.

Anyways, I really like your blog..would you like to be blog buddies? =)

ops, the cyberspace is the crazyest thing ever, hahaha
greetings sofia


lol , I never was offended by you , just by those other old farts who send me e-mails asking .. are you really 16…

I wanted to tell you the Lord Voldemort sig is awesome. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan.
Also, do you have a name, or an online alias? So I can add you to my blogroll?
Just wondering. Laterz.

With great power comes great responsibility 😛 … (and no I am not a bot 😛 )

Ha, I agree with Bubblez; that Lord Voldemort siggy is pretty awesome! 😀 And it has sparkly things. I like sparkly things. ^^

Bubblez , my online alias is ” teen “

though i sneak around with many other names as well. You can see in the sigs that my nick is RisINg as well. But that is my gaming name. In the blogosphere , I’d rather be teen…
@rohit – you look like a bot to me , try typing something else next time…

Good music teen
Hello teen, I know what you mean and agree with you


I didn’t know what you were going on about really, until I read the comments. But anyway, I’m heading off to your dA page for some more good art. The 2nd Spidey over that link you sent me (The Iron-Costume Spidey) was cool 🙂

ni dat to teen
ni dat to pee-nis

-Mike Knotts



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