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Yeah, that’s right. I have the GTA IV NO DVD Mini Image. Obtained from GameCopyWorld. You can download it here. (The link will initially show an ad and then take you to the rapidshare page).
Instructions are as follows

1. Install the game – Make sure to make it a Full Installation.
2. Install Daemon Tools.(here)
3. Mount the GTA IV DVD 1.MDS Mini-Image in Virtual IDE drive in DAEMON Tools.(Included in download)
4. Use an anti-blacklisting tool, like Y.A.S.U v1.5.8111, to avoid blacklisting of DAEMON Tools.
5. Play the Game.
6. Enjoy!!

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That’s how our world is ! Twisted ! But I am not going to go into philosopher mode again. Just a couple of observations.

1. I have this friend of mine who keeps on chatting through Yahoo ! Messenger. You ask his ASL ( age , sex , location) and his first reply will be 18 , f , India. NOTE: HIS reply would be 18 female India, What would you call that..? I call it TWISTED.

2.I have a neighbour who is a big pervert. Infact the biggest you might have met. He is forty , but likes preteen girls and girls in their early teens. What would you call him…? A pervert… but I like to call him TWISTED !

3.I have a pal whose ex-girlfriend keeps on calling him. Apparently she wants to reform the bond that they shared. But that is going to be difficult as my pal is sensetive and this girl crushed his heart by f**king another guy. It will hurt more as this girl lost her virginity to this other boy. What would you call her…? Horny…nah ! I’m thinking along the lines of TWISTED !

Well we do live in a twisted world where twisted things keep on happening. But here’s some stuff to cheer you up…

No 1600 X 1200. All are 1024 X 768

Solipsus LightSolipsus Light Hosted on Zooomr

ShineShine Hosted on Zooomr


Solipsus Hosted on Zooomr

That’s all for today… I would cherish some comments.

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What’s out to beat Google ?

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Sure Google might be reigning search king right now , but will it be so after a year? Right now the search engine world is teeming with new and emerging search technologies , incorporated by various corporations. What do I see right now, Google losing it’s footing on the search engine market. Let’s all have a look at the various technologies out there….

Probably the most promising contender to overthrow Google. The search precision is better than Google and all the results are relevant , quite unlike Google. All the pages of it’s search result are satisfactory , whereas satisfactory results in Google are around 30% of the total results. This is because of the Deepsearch technology patented by the Kosmix people. Google uses a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to searching which turns up irrelevant and unnecessary results more often than not. Page popularity is not the only thing that determines the utility of the page , and this is where Google falters to Kosmix. In the words of the makers…..

At Kosmix, we’re passionate about building a world class search engine that lets people search less, and discover more great stuff. There are billions of pages on the web that are useful, but never see the light of day through a standard search engine. We want to help you find those great pages, and make it easy and fun to do in the process.

Kosmix – About Us

Of course after disposing off Jeeves , Ask has embarked on a new strategy. The third most popular search engine out there , is all set to take the crown. It has new and improved algorithms , that give out lesser but more refined results than Google. The new image search is a strong competitor. But the most amazing product of the Ask group has been Bloglines.

They say that Krugle is a ‘ Google for developers ‘, but I disagree. Krugle provides features that have not even been developed at Google. Of course it aims at developers , meaning that a huge portion of Google’s traffic is going to shift over to Krugle. Best of luck to them

Ahhh , a truly novel initiative. Wink announces that it is the ‘ Search engine running on people power ‘ The basic idea behind Wink is that users know what users need. In their own words…

As you may have discovered, this is not your typical search engine. For one thing, we encourage you to edit the search concept content. So if you have information to add, go ahead and update it. Don’t be afraid of breaking anything – you won’t! Anything that you do can be updated or fixed later. If you see something that you think is incorrect and needs to be fixed, go ahead and fix it!

We rely on lots of user interaction to help make this an incredibly useful tool for you and other users. You don’t have to edit content to help us do this. By simply clicking on a star to rate a search result, or by tagging a site that you like, you help us improve our results.

Wink:help – Wink

Search the Web – Powered by People


After a long wait , Bill Gates is back with a bang , this time with three major release , lined up. Internet Explorer 7, Windows Vista and….wait for it….. a new search engine which has the potential to literarily blow up Google’s hold on the internet. But then , that would be ill advised because if that happens then MS will dominate the web. Not very good is it. But competition is always welcome. In six month’s time we shall know.

Personal comments :- Personally , I want Kosmix and Google to remain an integral part of the way. A decent MSN search engine wouldn’t be bad, but and MS dominated web would be. I am planning to sitch over to Linux right now , so can anyone tell me where I could get a copy of Red Hat Linux without having to download it?

PS : Wanna listen to me singing again, then click here. Do tell me how it was.

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Why Cheney , why ?

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” Vice President , Dick Cheney accidentally shoots supermodel”

What was the need of going on a hunting trip , I say. And that too with supermodel Luke Coughlan in the group. They went in pursuit of animals but Luke got sprayed in the face and chest with shotgun pellets. Thankfully , Luke’s condition is stable, according to the Hospital spokesperson.Cheney was using a 28-gauge shotgun and that Coughlan was about 30 yards away when he was hit in the cheek, neck and chest.

According to Cheney , he didnot see Luke ! ( eye rolls) Yeah it’s very difficult to see a person if they are wearing fluroscent orange jackets , isn’t it. Did anybody know that they were hunting women. Maybe Cheney thought that Luke was a woman. Cheney says that Luke came in the line of fire. Did anybody know that there’s a rumor that Cheney shot him just because he was more attractive and was the best contender to get the game!

I also hear that Cheney is an avid hunter. Whatever happened to anti-poaching laws ?

Well we all know what Cheney likes to hunt. Male supermodels! But America’s problems will be solved if Cheney and Bush go on a terrorist hunting game. Terrorists have a curious affinity for Bush , so Cheney will shoot Bush because he was the best contender for the game. What’s that hum? Must be America praying for Bush to go on a hunting trip with Cheney.

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Unreal Tournament Hacks

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Does anybody some good UT GOTY hacks. I’m looking for one that unlocks the boss skin without having to comlpete the game. Please help ?

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Boards are coming……but here’s a short story.

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My board exams are coming soon so I won’t post anything for a couple of months. I’m posting this story that I wrote. Tell me what you think people…..
Mr.Mathur was a stout, pot bellied, middle-aged man who is the CEO of a large firm that deals in lavatory seats. He worked hard on weekdays and on weekends he could be found relaxing in his large farmhouse. He was very attached to the farmhouse. It had been his residence as a boy. He particularly remembered his encounters with pigs. He enjoyed rollicking in the mud with his pigs, as a boy. And even now he goes in for an occasional dip in the mud to gambol with his favorite pig – Daisy. He would enter the sty as a dignified man in a bathing suit and he would return a disgraced man , covered with muck from head to foot and looking very much like the pig he had been gamboling with. Of course, this was his biggest secret. If such secrets were to be revealed then it could be hazardous to one’s business.
Last week he hosted a party at his farmhouse on account of his 47th birthday. First of all he was greeted by Daisy , when he arrived at the farmhouse a day before his birthday. She was a special pig. She was free to go anywhere in the farmhouse. It was as much her place as it was her master’s. She was also very fond of her master. It was obvious that the pig and the man had formed a wonderful bond.
That evening the guests arrived and the party began. Mr. Mathur hadn’t gone for a mud bath with Daisy that day because he didn’t wish to smell like a ton of animal dung. The only thing that heavily affected his servants, other than his kind nature, was the way he smelled after he had gone for a dip in muck. Even after three perfumed baths, the smell would linger. So that day Mr. Mathur had overlooked his mud ritual. The party was in full swing. Meanwhile Daisy had been shut in her sty and she didn’t like this one bit. She was quite used to her freedom and now she kept on snorting loudly as if telling her keepers to clear out or else they would have to answer her. The keepers were lazing away and Daisy escaped. She ran straight to the hall where the party was underway.
The keepers saw her and chased after her. She smelt her master and became excited. She charged into the hall, all covered with muck and slime and made a beeline for Mr. Mathur, who happened to be chatting with the President of his firm. All the while Daisy was snorting loudly. The snorts drew the attention of the guests and they missed the apprehensive look that dawned on their host’s face. Very soon, he felt something fat, soft, round and wet rubbing itself against him. He looked down and to his horror he found Daisy rubbing her- muck-covered-self against his new trousers and in the process, destroying his new pair of trousers. (By covering them with muck and slime.)
Just then the keepers dashed in to the hall. One of them pointed at Daisy and shouted, “There she is. Get her!” The noise startled her and she bit her master’s leg. He kicked out with a howl of pain. The pig went berserk and started running here and there in a bid to escape her keepers. All the women let out high-pitched screams and stood up on the chairs, while Daisy was busy snapping many shins out of her way. In the process a rampaging pig bit many guests. The keepers were ruthless and they trampled everything in their way to get to the pig. Daisy caught a woman’s skirt in her teeth and held tight. Unfortunately, this woman happened to be the President’s wife. The keepers caught up with Daisy and tried to pry her off the woman. The woman, for her part of the mayhem, screamed in such a high-pitch that a steam engine would have been proud to produce. Many guests admitted that they could feel their glasses vibrating.
It was like a circus. The keepers pulling at the pig that held fast to the woman’s dress and the woman held on to the tablecloth of the buffet table. Getting an idea, one of the keepers caught the spiral tail of the pig and pulled it hard. The tail straightened and the pig let out a snort of pain. The pig released the woman, but the woman fell headlong into the buffet table and spilled all the food. The angry pig ran to her master. The keepers caught up. They faced an angry Mr. Mathur.
The hall was a wreck. A storm would have been proud to do what that pig had done. “ Will you two explain how the pig got loose?” he asked. “ We don’t know sir.”, one of them replied , “ Maybe it missed your mud bath and came here to remind you…..”

The end.

How was it people?

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And that’s how I scared the night watchman…..

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I study to 2 in the morining and last night I was a bit bored so I played a little prank. At around 1 in the morning there was a thick fog. My window faces the main gate of our apartment building. I opened the window to check out the fog. I saw the night watchman opening the gate for a car to come into the building. Who the hell would be coming home at in the morining ? Must be one of those people who used to study till 2 in the morning. 😉

Dogs were howling loudly and the car had passed. The fog was thick and that was the perfect spooky atmosphere.Two dogs came barking and entered the building. He chased them away and then he sat on his chair. I knew that this man was a cheat and he always fell asleep. He was superstitious too and my strength lay there. I as decide upon giving him a hard night and boy did he have a hard night. I closed the window and returned to what I was doing. ( writing a funny story. Check it out. Click here ) After half an hour of scouting around the house , I collected three things. An old tin box , a used up pain-relief spray and a matchbox.

Phase I : I throw the tin can on the roof of the watchman’s cabin. The sonorous sound of the tin crashing wakes him up. He starts looking around wildly and then starts looking skywards , but he can’t see me because I’ve shut the light in my room.He shivers a bit and then goes back to his desk and tries to sleep again.But all that time he keeps on thinking about the noise.

Phase II : Dogs are howling on top of their voices. I throw the can of pain relief spray. ” CLANG ” , it drops on top of the watchman’s cabin. This time he swears loudly and startes searching frantically. He calls out to god to help him. I make a spooky sound and he rushes inside his cabin and doesn’t come out for the next 10 minutes.

Phase III : He finally comes out and looks around and then he looks up. He sees a shadow at my window and can’t comprehend what he sees.He is puzzled , but the he sees the strange figure lighting a candle and making a horrible sound. A terrible moan , a cry which chills his blood. And suddenly the window opens and the figure tosses the candle at him. With a scream he dodges and hides in his cabin and starts reciting the Hanuman Chalisa as loudly as possible.

An explanation should follow. There was no one in my house so I did not run the risk of awaking anyone. This watchman had seen my family leave in our car and had thought that I had left too. 🙂

And that’s how I scared the night-watchman. 😉

Terror from the Enchanted Ethereal Necropolis

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Originally uploaded by bobloo17.

An amazing mix of B/W and Color and of course my favourite game – Hitman 2

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