Burning midnight oil !

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Exams , exams ,exams ! The reason why I haven’t blogged for such a long time !!! So I’m back to burning midnight oil , just like the good old days in March , when I had my board exams. By the way , the exam schedule is a bit more relaxed than I thought πŸ™‚

So , I am positively looking forward to the exams. Maths and Chemistry are falling into place , English is just where it always has been (on my fingertips) and (laugh when u see this) I.T. isn’t going to be a problem at all! I’m just tensed about Physics. Circular motion keeps my head moving rounds and don’t let me get started on Kerchaff’s (or whatever the dude’s name was) Law! Grrr…

I’ve gotta get through this one with gud marks , cause’ it’s a question of my abilities in my own eyes ! Here’s the schedule though –

22nd (that is this wednesday) – I.T. πŸ™‚

29th (I get 7 days_ – Physics

30th – Gen. English (I’m gonna top this one)

1st Dec – Alternative English (Same here)

2nd Dec – Maths πŸ™‚


MUHAHAHAHAHAHA , I will make those examiners sweat all their fat !!! Coz , I’m gonna go back to 16hrs a day for the duration of this exam…..


Wish me luck fellas!


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Ubuntu to Blubuntu , it's a zip

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If you thought that the default Ubuntu mix of Brown and Orange sucked , then here’s your chance to make it cool blue. You don’t need to download anything big. Just a couple of wallpapers and a splash screen. Are you ready to take a dip into blue territory ? Then let’s begin…

1.Login Window

First thing’s first. Let’s make the Login Window blue. Go to System>Administration>Login Window

Select any blue Login Window like Circles or Happy Gnome and click on the radio button beside it.

Now , click on the security tab and click on the check box beside ” Allow local system administrator login “. This allows graphical root login which we wil use later.

That’s it , you are done with the login window.


I must admit that all those brown and orange wallpapers get to your head after sometime. So why not have a fluid , cool , blue wallpaper. Unfortunately Ubuntu doesn’t pack any blue wallpapers by default , so you will have to download your own. How about a couple of blue wallpapers that I made…

BlueBlue Hosted on Zooomr


Ubuntu Blue.jpgBrilliant

Great Blue Ubuntu.jpgGreat Blue Ubuntu

Now use them as your wallpapers , or you could find more at Gnome look .

Cool , now you have a blue wallpaper.

3. Gnome Panel

Do this only after you have your blue wallpaper.

Configuring the Gnome panel is easy.

Just right click on a blank space in the panel and select properties.

In the background tab , select something blue as your solid color and set the transparency to your choice. This helps blend the panel with the wallpaper.


Done that , now you have a blue panel.

4.GTK+ Theme

Configuring your default GTK theme is easy. Click on System>Preferences>Theme.

Click on the “Theme details” button.

In the ” Controls ” tab , choose Clearlooks.

In the Window border tab , choose Human.

In the Icons tab , choose Tango.


Now , click on the close button and then save your theme as Blubuntu.

Wow , that was easy.

5.Splash screen

Do this only after you have completed the previous four steps.

That little image in the middle of the screen , that you see just after logging in , is your splash screen. They are alwasy .png images.

Download a bluish Splash Screen , or you could try my custom made Splash Screen…




Download the image to your desktop and make two copies.

Name the 1st one as ubuntu-splash , and the 2nd one as ubuntu-slick. DO NOT CHANGE THE EXTENSION.

I am assuming that your username is eric .

Now , log out.

In your new , blue login screen type your username as root.

Give your root password and login as root. ( Read Step 1. for further reference )

Navigate to /usr/share/pixmaps/splash and there rename your existing splash images to 1,2,3 or anything other that ubuntu-splash and ubuntu-slick.

Navigate to /home/eric/desktop ( I HAVE ASSUMED THAT YOUR USERNAME IS eric ). Copy the two splash images and paste them in /usr/share/pixmaps/splash

Now , log out and login.


You now have a blue login window , blue splash , blue windows , blue panel and best of all , a blue wallpaper. So right now you are the proud owner of Blubuntu…

This is what my desktop looked like…



Comments and suggestions are welcome . Oh and do tell me if it helped… If you want Ubuntu 6.10 to have a consistent blue theme , the do contribute to Ubuntu art. Here’s the link , I do say that you might find some of my work there.

Enjoy Ubuntu.

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What lies ahead…

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Today there was a sever blackout in my neighborhhod. This got me thinking about the days when there was no electricity in my village. And then I followed my train of thought. I realised , for the first time in my life, that my dad hailed from a very poor economic background. He decided to do something big with his life , he worked and today he is a bank manager. But what if he hadn’t and he had decided to farm like his younger brother…? Would I have been here today , posting this on my blog ? Would I have had any of the exposure that I have today ?

My thoughts led me to a point when I realised that life is all about making choices and sticking to them. My dad had worked very hardΒ  , on his studies , on his character and for doing something different. He was a bit rebellious , just like I am. He wanted his way with his life , just like I do. He made the choices which he thought were best. Could he have been a more successful man if he had made different choices ? Yes , he would have. But he didn’t.

Now, it’s my turn to wonder if I will be able to do for my kids , all that my dad did for his kids and wife. I don’t even work half as hard as he used to. He is a sharp man , but I’m sharper. I don’t think that it will help , but I am better at making decisions , and once I’ve made one I stick to it. Again I wonder if I will be able to achieve all that I dream of. I understand that I will have to hold my reins myself , be both the horse and the rider. I know that I will have to work to be someone….

Just then the power comes back and I think ” What the hell ! Let me be me , at least for some time. TO hell with responsibility… πŸ˜‰ “

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What Materazzi said to Zidane…

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I was up late into the night , watching the Live telecast of the FIFA World Cup final. I was completely supporting France. It was the second half of extra time and still the game was at a tie. Zidane and Materazzi got in a tackle and then Materazzi said some thing to Zidane and then POW ! Zidane head butted Materazzi and floored him.Zidane was not only given the Red Card , but France lost the cup . It was only yesterday that Materazzi claimed that he had insulted Zidane. When asked why , he said that it was because Zidane was “Super Arrogant” , in the match. When asked about what he said to Zidane , Materazzi said that it was ,

” Just an everyday insult , nothing relating to his mother or sister because a mother is sacred to me…”

, yeah right !

He further added that ….

” I didn’t call him a terrorist either , I don’t even know what an Islamic terrorist is !”

However , Jessica Rees , Britain’s top forensic lip reader said that Materazzi called Zidane a

“son of a terrorist whore”

, just before Zizou floored him. The Daily Mail also included the services of Lip Readers and reached the same conclusion as Rees.

No wonder Zidane head butted him , I would have killed him…… 😑

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Heal the world and help me please

Posted on April 25, 2006. Filed under: comedy, emotions, love, Teen life, Wars |

Yeah that's right. I've finally come back where I belong. Here in the blogosphere.It was a long and magical wait , but I learnt a lot . I had a lot of lessons in growing up , feeling frustrated and not being able to do anything to protest against all the injustice being done to teenagers throughout the world. A lone crusader is never succesful , as it is with me. But then a spark is enough to start a flame. My crusade is one against all the schools here is Bhubaneswar and Coaching centres. Our exams ended on the 27th of March and by God ! entrance exams were conducted in all the DAVs on the 1st of April. Damn it , it was so unfair. We had just finished our exams and why the hell should we study so soon.

That's not over yet , all the coaching centres started functioning from 15th April onwards. It sucked so much.
And Emily , I'll mail the Dark Materials trilogy to you as soon as I can.

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20 reasons why Harry Potter’s famous.

Posted on March 23, 2006. Filed under: comedy, funny article, harry potter, humour, love, movies, tech talk, Teen life |

I am putting down ,  20 reasons as to why Harry Potter’s so famous ! Oh , do remember to read my personal comments encased in the brackets.
1. Nowhere in literary history will you find a boy so blighted, so miserable yet rich as Harry Potter.

2. He survived a murderous assault by a brain-dead sorcerer with an extremely stupid name – Voldemort. ( yuck , I wouldn’t even call my dog as Voldemort)

3. A man called Albus Dumbledore is his hero. ( He’s got waist length beard which he can’t cut because they are stronger than steel.)

4. He goes to a school called Hog-Warts. ( All the Hogs at that place are full of Warts.)

5. He flies a broomstick. ( What happened to high velocity jet-fighters..?! )

6. He becomes invisible by wearing an invisibility cloak. ( Why though ? Is he ashamed of his appearance ?)

7. He has a lightning shaped scar on his head. ( Imagine being famous because your skins been sliced open..)

8. He uses a magic wand to cast spells ( What did you expect… a magic turnip ?! )

9. He hates a greasy teacher called Snape. ( Yeah , and he can talk to snakes )

10. His friend , Ron Weasly , has a jumbo sized family. ( Maybe Harry thought that he could squeeze in and nobody would notice because of the crowd. )

11. He protected the Philosopher’s Stone. ( What about the stones of the doctors, nurses , writers and engineers ? Who’s gonna protect them ?)

12. He speaks Parseltongue ! (  Whazzat ?! Parcel what? I didn’t know he could take to parcels !)

13. He was raised by his nasty aunt and uncle. ( Who else do you think would have raised him ? A couple of rabid wolves ? He ain’t Mowgli !)

14. He’s been wearing that same pair of spectacles for the last 8 years ! ( I thought that he had a lot of money , then why doesn’t he buy a new pair…? )

15.He’s got the biggest fan following of all time ! ( No wonder he always appears so windswept )

16. His cousin is a boxing champ ! ( Ahhh , all those years of punching Harry finally paid off. )

17.His wand has a core of phoenix feather .( Thank god it ain’t dragon heartstring. Or else he would have been called as Parry Hotter )

18. He killed a basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. ( What else would he have killed ? A mosquito !? )

19. He was put in Gryffindor house . ( Why ?! Because the White House wouldn’t take him , silly! ) 

Looks like I left one reason ! So why don’t you people add the twentieth reason as to why Harry Potter is famous. You can give any reason , but just make sure that it has a funny personal comment attached to it .

All Smiles ,


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God! How much bad news can I endure?

Posted on March 15, 2006. Filed under: ANGUISH, emotions, love, Teen life, Wars |

The boy who I blogged about , in my previous post passed away on Sunday morning. How do I know that? Well , I saw his family members carrying his body in a procession to the jeep , which would obviously take it to the creamtorium. Hindus are cremated , not buried. It was a terrible scene, that procession. I was returning from Sanskrit tuition when I saw that. All of those people , dressed in white, looked like phantoms on the lonely street. I felt as if I was looking at lost souls seeking salvation. Of course , the boy was the soul of the family but now he was gone, and so was their happiness. I saw his sister crying silently on her mother’s shoulder and at the same time , against myself, I was reminded of all the deaths that I had seen. My uncle, my grandpa , my classmate and now this !

I had never felt older in my life. Here I was ,worrying about my exams and just 2 blocks away a boy was dead , never to return again. The procession stopped suddenly and some people looked at me. I realised that I was blocking the road, I moved away in a desperate attempt to move as far away from that place as possible. But I caught some words which forced me to reflect on irony. The late boy’s father , was saying to his uncle that they were going to cremate him in Puri. I couldn’t help , but reflect on how ironical life could be. This boy met his doom while returning from Puri and here was his body going to be cremated in Puri.

Nitish said that people dying of accidents is commonplace and are reported everyday in newspapers. Of course it doesn’t affect you if some Tom,Dick or Harry died in a freak accident , but have you ever thought once that this dying person is someone’s father,brother,uncle and most importantly….son ?! I fear to imagine the grief of father, who has to see the lifeless face of his son. Think about this once and you will realise that every life matters. No matter how small or insignificant.

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Yahoo , I’m there.

Posted on February 20, 2006. Filed under: emotions, exams, love, Teen life, Uncategorized |

Finally after months of effort I got 91.86% in my pre-boards . Here’s my scorecard.

MATHS – 95/100

SCIENCE – 66/75

SST – 72/80

ENGLISH – 91/100

SANSKRIT – 94/100

But if you do have time you could browse some of my photos. Click here 

OK guys can I have some feedback on the new theme , please? 

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Right wings and love wings.

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My Valentines day was lousy as usual 😦  , I didn’t have the guts to ask anyone out. But the newspaper was really interesting.It was full of right wing extremists in India trying to stop Valentine’s Day. And as usual they were unsuccesful. There were photos of Muslim women burning Valentine’s Day cards saying that it is not a part of our culture. Yeah Right. Then there were the Shiv Sena fartholes raiding card and gifts shops all over Mumbai and Delhi and destroying V day cards.They were all ranting about ,”Our society shoul not be stained with such vulgar practices.” Ummm excuse me , but did I hear the word vulgar. Isn’t our country the one where Krishna and Radha were lost in hours of love on the banks of the Yamuna river? From when did love become vulgar? Political prats care about nothing but polls , but if they don’t stop intefering in the private lives of the Indian masses then they will be full of holes.

Where would have we been today if it was not for love..? And here we have some idiots trying to stop Valentines Day. Of course they can’t. Some senile old men don’t have the cunning to stop the raging hormones and greycells of lovers. Now coming over to Moral Policing.If I ever heard a load of rubbish then it was Moral Policing. The Policemen roam around parks and other popular public places to stop lovers from meeting there. AS if they could.The only reaseon given the cops as an explanation for their answers is that they older people find couples holding hands in parks as indecent.Indecent my foot! They just can’t bear the sight of people in love when their own spouses are bossing them at home. πŸ˜‰ No matter how hard they try they can’t put down love. No sir they can’t.

Oh and by the way , If any girl between 15 to 16 is willing to be my valentine then you are welcome. To know more about me just read my blog. πŸ˜‰

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My first crush… and most probably last.

Posted on January 31, 2006. Filed under: emotions, love, Teen life |

So this happened a long time back. In the fateful year of 1998 when I was just 8 years old. I remember the day clearly. It was our first day in std. 3 and this pretty girl walked into my class. She was a bit taller than me , and a bit smarter.( Everything has changed now. I’m the one who is taller and smarter. πŸ˜‰ ) She made her way through the columns of benches and chose a seat which was right at the back. I was entranced by her charm. For the first time I felt that girls could be nice. My earlier impression was that girls were snotty nosed cissies who spent most of their time playing dolls. This one was different.Whenever I would be near her , I would get nervous.I’d get this funny feeling in my stomach and I’d want to act cool.

As the year progressed my friendship with her became stronger and stronger. I had started feeling that I was in love. But there were rivals there too. I remember having removed three other boys to be her best friend. We started talking a lot. Mostly at lunch break. Very soon the class got to know of my fabled “love” for her and the news eventually reached her ears. She walked up to me and challenged me to tell the truth. Coward as I was then…. I lied. I told her that I didn’t love her ( if you could call that love ) and that I was just a friend. She reported the matter to our class-teacher and I was questioned in front of the entire class. I denied the whole thing and every minute I spent during those days , I hated her more and more. By the end of the year , the teacher had decided that I was “innocent” and I had realised that love when you were 8 yrs. old was much more trouble than it was worth. I grew out of it by the final exams and vowed not to fall in love until I get a good job with an obese salary.

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