Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na – Review

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I caught the movie first day , first show. In fact , this is the only movie that I have ever caught on the 1st day and that too the very first show. So how was the movie ? Just one word ‘ refreshing ‘ and I could probably add to that ‘awesome,cool,nice,nice,nice’.

This movie introduces Imraan Khan , Aamir Khan’s nephew. Well , from now on Aamir is going to be known as Imraan’s uncle. He does a smashing job as Jay Singh Rathod , the most non-violent Rajput of Ranjhor. Genelia D’Souza is equally amazing as the passionate,angry and vicious Aditi. Accompanying the duo are their friends – Rotlu , Juggu , Bonu and the other girl who’s name I can’t remember. Fantastic acting by each and every one of the actors. Not to forget the awesome music supplied by A.R. Rahman.

The story begins with a group a friends in a car , heading to the airport. They are their to receive their friends who are coming back to India after 3 long years. But due to a bomb threat the airplane is 1 hr late. So to spend time , 4 of the friends begin telling the story of 2 of their other friends to a new member to their group. The story of Jay and Aditi.

I don’t want to spoil it for the people who read this but I just want to say that it is a fantastic movie. I’ll just put a brief synopsis..

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Jay and Aditi are best friends in college. Their other friends know that they are in love with each other , their parents know that they are in love with each other , but they don’t know that! Aditi always rues over the fact that Jay never takes up a fight and always tries to remain non-violent. This is because his mother made him promise not to fight because according to her , his father was a very peaceful man who could not tolerate violence and this was his dying wish. But this happens to be absolute balderdash , a lie cooked up by his mother because she didn’t want to see her son become as proud and violent as her husband. The Rajputs of Ranjhor have an initiation rite for the boys to become men. The rite says that they must do 3 things… Ride a horse , beat someone up and go to jail at least once. But does Jay do all these ?

Yes , he does. He beats up the man who hit Aditi and as a result is sent to Jail. And he rides a horse because of a public transportation strike in order to get to Aditi in time to confess her feelings. Of course this happens towards the end. Throughout the movie they believe that they are just friends and actually try to find love for each other. In the process Jay gets another girl-friend and Aditi gets engaged to another man. But they realise that they really love each other.

A very different love story. A must watch.

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What Materazzi said to Zidane…

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I was up late into the night , watching the Live telecast of the FIFA World Cup final. I was completely supporting France. It was the second half of extra time and still the game was at a tie. Zidane and Materazzi got in a tackle and then Materazzi said some thing to Zidane and then POW ! Zidane head butted Materazzi and floored him.Zidane was not only given the Red Card , but France lost the cup . It was only yesterday that Materazzi claimed that he had insulted Zidane. When asked why , he said that it was because Zidane was “Super Arrogant” , in the match. When asked about what he said to Zidane , Materazzi said that it was ,

” Just an everyday insult , nothing relating to his mother or sister because a mother is sacred to me…”

, yeah right !

He further added that ….

” I didn’t call him a terrorist either , I don’t even know what an Islamic terrorist is !”

However , Jessica Rees , Britain’s top forensic lip reader said that Materazzi called Zidane a

“son of a terrorist whore”

, just before Zizou floored him. The Daily Mail also included the services of Lip Readers and reached the same conclusion as Rees.

No wonder Zidane head butted him , I would have killed him…… 😡

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Abstract Art

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UPDATE June 5th , 2006 : We had a terrible thunderstorm last night and my PC’s been electrocuted. The motherboard’s been melted to a pulp and I don’t know the condition of my hard disks. Looks like I’ll have to get a new motherboard. So that means , I’ll probably be offline for a week or so. Not to worry , I’ll be blogging from cyber cafes whenever I have time.

I’ve been experimenting with abstract art using The GIMP. I’ll say that I’ve got fairly good results , but my readers are the greater judges. My new blog header is one of my abstract creations and so is my new wallpaper. Here they are. Do tell me what you think. And lets see if you can find what mood is given in the pictures. They will be up on Teen Beat pretty soon.

T Here’s my logo.

Augustus This here is a logo for my alias. Yes I like calling myself August.

This here is the wallpaper , that I’ve made.

How was it folks? Karthik , I would love our thoughts on this one.

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Locked out!

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What I am going to narrate is best left unexperienced. Last night my mom and dad went to a friend’s house. This was at 10 pm. We(me and my brother)were instructed not to touch the T.V. or the computer and to have our dinner and got to bed like good boys.Yeah sure , we obeyed them. What do you think ? 😉 I played Warcraft 3 for half an hour and my brother watched T.V. for the same time. We then got a call from dad and shut down everything. We had dinner and went to bed , just like good boys. This is when the action began , not exactly then but after an hour. I was sound asleep and so was my brother. The time was probably around midnight.The door of the balcony was shaking , yes we have a balcony attached to our room. Someone was calling our names from the other side.

At the same time the phone was ringing and someone was ringing the door-bell. It felt as if I was in a mad house. The balcony door started shaking much harder and the voice got louder and more violent. My brain started putting 2 and 2 together. ( Sigh , unfortunately I am rather bright and uncommonly intelligent.) I knew at once , who was behind the balcony door , who was calling and who was ringing the door bell. I pushed my brother out of bed , lay down myself and told him to open the balcony door. As I had anticipated , watchman walked in. Before he could say anything, I told my brother to open the frontdoor. He did and in walked my mom and dad , looking furious ! They had been locked out because we had slept. Dad started screaming at us. They had been calling the phone and ringing the door-bell for over half an hour , then they had told the watchman to climb in through the balcony using a ladder. My mom was squeezing the poor door bell so hard that it took a permanent rest. Yes , it died.

So to all my readers, I ask a question . What’s the moral of the story ?


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My exams end tomorrow !

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After two months of working my butt off my ass , my exams are finally going to end tomorrow. Which is the lucky last paper ? Well it's English . My favourite subject. Blogging for about 4 months has really given me some extraordinary English practice. Why extraordinary ? Because blogging is a fun way to learn English. Of course the possibility of typos is almost subzero with a pen , why take a risk. I'll be using the WordPress spell checker a lot.

As my exams will be ending tomorrow , I'm at a complete loss of ideas for spending time. I'll be blogging of course and reading , coding , playing basketball , cycling and spending some time with my family. ( I've literaly shut myself in a room for the entire two months ). I have found the winner of the 20th reason as to why Harry is famous. I'll be posting that soon. See you tomorrow , pals.

are all motivated by a keen desire for praise, and the better
a man is, the more he is inspired to glory



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The Da Vinci Redux.

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There is no doubt that Dan Brown , wrote the Da Vinci Code using the ideas of Richard Leigh and Micheal Baigent , which they published in their 1983 book , "The Holy Blood and Holy Grail". Well I’m sure half of you are in a mood to rip me apart. After all Dan Brown won the case didn’t he. But I can still prove that he took those ideas from the book. Why don’t I proceed with my investigation as Robert Langdon would , using symbology. If you thought that symbology is always done with careful planning and design , then you are wrong. A recent study by a Germany based psychatrist says that humans resort to symbology at a subconcious level to scream out their guilt. It was the case with Dan Brown too, although he might have done that purposefully.

First , if you haven’t read the Da Vinci Code , then you are in for spoilers. One of the main characters in the story has the name of " Leigh Teabing". The last names of the authors of THBAHG happens to be Leigh and Baigent. Throughout the story, there are puzzles and most of all amagrams. Wait for it… "Teabing" is a perfect amagram of "Baigent". In the story , Robert Langdon says to Sophie that Leigh Teabing is one of the best and foremost Grail historians. In a hidden way Dan was giving credit to Leigh and Baigent for The Holy Blood and Holy Grail.

Second , Dan made Leigh Teabing an Englishman. Is it his subconcious giving credit to Leigh and Baigent again, maybe one or both are British subjects. The relevance of this point….well Leigh could have been an American just like Robert , or french as the story is primarily based in France , but no! He had to be British.

Third, Leigh happens to be more learned than Robert on the subject of the Grail. But he also turns out be the antagonist. Leigh was a cripple , the symbology here is clear. The Holy Blood and Holy Grail wasn’t a bestseller was it? Do we have our reasons for Leigh being a cripple…

If you find this convincing or inconvincing , do leave a response and spread the link to this article as far and wide as you can. 

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What’s out to beat Google ?

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Sure Google might be reigning search king right now , but will it be so after a year? Right now the search engine world is teeming with new and emerging search technologies , incorporated by various corporations. What do I see right now, Google losing it’s footing on the search engine market. Let’s all have a look at the various technologies out there….

Probably the most promising contender to overthrow Google. The search precision is better than Google and all the results are relevant , quite unlike Google. All the pages of it’s search result are satisfactory , whereas satisfactory results in Google are around 30% of the total results. This is because of the Deepsearch technology patented by the Kosmix people. Google uses a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to searching which turns up irrelevant and unnecessary results more often than not. Page popularity is not the only thing that determines the utility of the page , and this is where Google falters to Kosmix. In the words of the makers…..

At Kosmix, we’re passionate about building a world class search engine that lets people search less, and discover more great stuff. There are billions of pages on the web that are useful, but never see the light of day through a standard search engine. We want to help you find those great pages, and make it easy and fun to do in the process.

Kosmix – About Us

Of course after disposing off Jeeves , Ask has embarked on a new strategy. The third most popular search engine out there , is all set to take the crown. It has new and improved algorithms , that give out lesser but more refined results than Google. The new image search is a strong competitor. But the most amazing product of the Ask group has been Bloglines.

They say that Krugle is a ‘ Google for developers ‘, but I disagree. Krugle provides features that have not even been developed at Google. Of course it aims at developers , meaning that a huge portion of Google’s traffic is going to shift over to Krugle. Best of luck to them

Ahhh , a truly novel initiative. Wink announces that it is the ‘ Search engine running on people power ‘ The basic idea behind Wink is that users know what users need. In their own words…

As you may have discovered, this is not your typical search engine. For one thing, we encourage you to edit the search concept content. So if you have information to add, go ahead and update it. Don’t be afraid of breaking anything – you won’t! Anything that you do can be updated or fixed later. If you see something that you think is incorrect and needs to be fixed, go ahead and fix it!

We rely on lots of user interaction to help make this an incredibly useful tool for you and other users. You don’t have to edit content to help us do this. By simply clicking on a star to rate a search result, or by tagging a site that you like, you help us improve our results.

Wink:help – Wink

Search the Web – Powered by People


After a long wait , Bill Gates is back with a bang , this time with three major release , lined up. Internet Explorer 7, Windows Vista and….wait for it….. a new search engine which has the potential to literarily blow up Google’s hold on the internet. But then , that would be ill advised because if that happens then MS will dominate the web. Not very good is it. But competition is always welcome. In six month’s time we shall know.

Personal comments :- Personally , I want Kosmix and Google to remain an integral part of the way. A decent MSN search engine wouldn’t be bad, but and MS dominated web would be. I am planning to sitch over to Linux right now , so can anyone tell me where I could get a copy of Red Hat Linux without having to download it?

PS : Wanna listen to me singing again, then click here. Do tell me how it was.

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What’s happened to Sonique ?

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Remember Sonique , the cool and handy music playing software from Lycos , well it’s vanished from the web. The last version available was the beta build of version 2. I have the beta version with me. I don’t know what happened , but I deduce that Lycos stopped the development of Sonique. It is really surprising , because Sonique was an amazing music player. The first music player to support over a dozen music formats , it had an eye-catching and easy to use GUI, an amazing colour combination and much much more. Sonique had more downloads in the first week than Winamp 3 , why then would the Lycos people stop the development of Sonique at the beta build of Version 2.

It had a huge fan following , which included me of course. I wanted to download the release version of Sonique 2 but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I Googled , Asked , MSNed , Yahooed and even Dogpiled  but I couldn’t find any concrete information as to the whereabouts of Sonique. I must admit that I was shocked. But then I searched it on the Wayback Machine at Archive.org , the keywords being – "http://sonique.lycos.com/download" , and I found that it was last updated on Feb 6 , 2005. After that there were no updates. Alas , my worst fears were confirmed. Sonique had been killed. For all those who are not blind , this is a screenshot of Sonique 2 – beta….

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Microsoft to launch new search engine

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Microsoft has generated a lot of suspense and hype with it’s Project origami and it has already entered it’s second week. But a big question still remains. Will Microsoft ever beat Google? I have been scouring the net for articles regarding recent developments in Microsoft and I found this.

Bill Gates has told Forbes Poland that Google’s honeymoon will go on for no more than two years.While visiting Poland last month, Bill Gates sat down for a chat with the editors of Forbes Poland, Michal Kobosko and Eryk Stankunowicz. Gates discussed Google, said that he sees IBM as Microsoft’s biggest competitor, and addressed the prices of technology stocks as well as his role in and outside of Microsoft.
Gates said that Google has an excellent search engine but said that Microsoft is working on something better. “You will see our response still this year,” he told Forbes Poland. Microsoft is underestimated as far as search concerned.

What is the new technology , well nothing much has been said about it. We will never find out at this stage. But there was a really interesting article in today’s Times of India on Microsoft. Some chosen quotes…..

Microsoft ‘searches’ ahead to better Google engine.

Microsoft will introduce a search engine better than Google in six months in the United States and UK followed by Europe , it’s European president said on Thursday. ” What we are saying is that in six months’ time we’ll be more relevant in the US market place than Google”, said Neil Halloway , Microsoft president for Europe, West Asia and Africa. ” The quality of our search and the relevance of our search from a solution perspective to the consumer will be more relevant”, he told the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit.

The tag line and the riddle like flash animations of the Origami Project have a common saying ” I am everywhere you are”. Doesn’t this sound like a search engine ? Another quote from the article , the very last lines……

For example ,potential home buyers might find a goup of houses with the price range and with the precise amenities they seek. Or a surfer might find a resteraunt with the kind of menu a diner wants in a particular geographic area.

You know what this reminds me of……” I am everywhere you are “.

I am the kind of guy who reads the lines as well as between the lines. I have a knack for finding connections in things as different as a boy and a girl , and this is my muse on the new search engine .Is it bundled together with the Origami Project ? Will it beat Google? All questions answered after 6 months.

Well we are going to know a lot about this Origami Project on the 9th of March. So keep pondering till then and do tell me what you think of my guess.

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The board exams begin from thursday and I want ot wish best of luck to all.

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