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Project Death Note!!

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So , while stumbling yesterday I came across this blog ! I think Project Death Note is a fantastic idea ! Especially because Death Note happens to be one of my favorite graphic novels of all time ! So , yes I joined up with him and have started the marathon reading thing. Let’s see who finishes it first !


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Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na – Review

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I caught the movie first day , first show. In fact , this is the only movie that I have ever caught on the 1st day and that too the very first show. So how was the movie ? Just one word ‘ refreshing ‘ and I could probably add to that ‘awesome,cool,nice,nice,nice’.

This movie introduces Imraan Khan , Aamir Khan’s nephew. Well , from now on Aamir is going to be known as Imraan’s uncle. He does a smashing job as Jay Singh Rathod , the most non-violent Rajput of Ranjhor. Genelia D’Souza is equally amazing as the passionate,angry and vicious Aditi. Accompanying the duo are their friends – Rotlu , Juggu , Bonu and the other girl who’s name I can’t remember. Fantastic acting by each and every one of the actors. Not to forget the awesome music supplied by A.R. Rahman.

The story begins with a group a friends in a car , heading to the airport. They are their to receive their friends who are coming back to India after 3 long years. But due to a bomb threat the airplane is 1 hr late. So to spend time , 4 of the friends begin telling the story of 2 of their other friends to a new member to their group. The story of Jay and Aditi.

I don’t want to spoil it for the people who read this but I just want to say that it is a fantastic movie. I’ll just put a brief synopsis..

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Jay and Aditi are best friends in college. Their other friends know that they are in love with each other , their parents know that they are in love with each other , but they don’t know that! Aditi always rues over the fact that Jay never takes up a fight and always tries to remain non-violent. This is because his mother made him promise not to fight because according to her , his father was a very peaceful man who could not tolerate violence and this was his dying wish. But this happens to be absolute balderdash , a lie cooked up by his mother because she didn’t want to see her son become as proud and violent as her husband. The Rajputs of Ranjhor have an initiation rite for the boys to become men. The rite says that they must do 3 things… Ride a horse , beat someone up and go to jail at least once. But does Jay do all these ?

Yes , he does. He beats up the man who hit Aditi and as a result is sent to Jail. And he rides a horse because of a public transportation strike in order to get to Aditi in time to confess her feelings. Of course this happens towards the end. Throughout the movie they believe that they are just friends and actually try to find love for each other. In the process Jay gets another girl-friend and Aditi gets engaged to another man. But they realise that they really love each other.

A very different love story. A must watch.

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Digital Blasphemy !

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I finally got my hands dirty with Photoshop again. And the result is posted at the header of the blog and the end of this post. Wow , I can’t believe that it’s really been six months since I last fiddled with Photoshop. The latest result might not be that impressive , but at least I know that I’m not completely out of shape.

On the other hand , I’m using a lethal combo of Windows Live Writer and OneNote 2007 to complete all my web research , organisation and publishing tasks. More importantly , I think I can go back to participating in Gfx forums once again. My favourite forums are GFXBB and the Garena Gaming Community Gfx section. I’ll keep on posting my fresh works from now on. 🙂

Blimey , looks like I’m going to need a new category and some more tags. So , here it is. My latest tag featuring Dante of Devil May Cry fame. 😉


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Working on a new header!

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Yes , I’ve finally started work on a new header image . Getting my hands dirty with Photoshop after a long hiatus makes me feel like I’m starting all over again. But hey , that’s that ! Hmm , would the people care to suggest a couple of themes for the header. Maybe I’ll ask Karthik.

Update – testing If I can add WordPress tags through Windows Live Writer…

Adios , for now !

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19 movies , 4 days … still going strong

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Ah , it’s been so long since I last blogged. My blogroll had become a pile of junk with tons of dead links and stuff. So , I just cleaned it out today. I’ve finally managed to weed out all the dead links and replace them with new ones. For once , I’d really like to get back to blogging. Anyways , I’m going to be a college student now. So that’s something to be really excited about. I’m totally looking forward to it. I just hope that I get decent room-mates. I haven’t exactly done my shopping yet , but I plan to pretty soon.

Here’s some other totally unrelated stuff –

I’m high on movies right now. I’ve watched 19 movies in the last 4 days. Among all the movies that I watched , I thought the following were truly exceptional.

  1. Children of Men (2006) – Has to be seen to be believed. One of my friends suggested that I watch this movie and I just brushed it aside because I wanted to watch the ultra gory Hostel. This happened a year ago. Now a year later , when I’ve finally seen the movie , I feel like kicking my 16 year old self. Superb story , superb direction , superb cinematography , fitting music and Clive Owen at his best. This is probably the best movie ever made. The last 20 minutes are totally intense , it actually made my mother cry. Just go and watch this now , if by some sick , twisted ,weird chance of fate , you haven’t already.
  2. Cloverfield ( 2008 ) – Yes , yes. Cloverfield. Another story about a monster trashing Manhattan. When I first heard about , I thought be sick with déjà vu. I mean , where the heck was the originality. Huge monster trashes town… Come on! Godzilla did it , T-Rex did it in The Lost World , heck even the baby did it in Honey I Blew Up The Kids. But then I saw the movie. I was forced to eat each and every single one of my words. Fantastic , awesome , splendid ! The story wasn’t about a monster trashing Manhattan. It was about a group of friends , reaching out to each other in an attempt to survive in the chaos. Of course there’s the usual BIG FUCKING MONSTER! But the presentation is so different it should be made a whole new type of cinema making. The entire story is a flashback , seen through a handheld camera cartridge and it’s just AWESOME.
  3. Fight Club (1999) – I know that cinema lovers around the world want to give a good solid kick to my rear. And god knows that I deserve it. I mean , not having watched Fight Club is like being a guy with 1 ball(no offence to cancer patients). Edward Norton pulls off an extremely awesome performance. Personally , I think Fight Club has one of the best endings ever made. Brad Pitt fits the character of Tyler Durden like a sock. Do you know what to expect when two , no three (There’s Helena Bonham Carter as Maria) incredible actors come together…. FIREWORKS.
  4. Zodiac (2007) – Another movie about the Zodiac killer. Yes , but it is miles apart from the 2006 attempt , both in presentation and perception. Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr. give an incredible performance. A must watch , even if you are not a movie buff. The movie is a bit longer than the normal Hollywood movie ( 2hr 30 min) but every second is worth it. You can actually feel the fear that the people in San Francisco felt when the Zodiac killer was alive amongst them. A must watch.
  5. 1408 (2007) – This is one of the most effective horror movies that I’ve seen since the Grudge. Based on Stephen King’s short story of the same name , this movie portrays the basic underlying fear of every man. John Cusack carries the movie from beginning to end. Against the manager’s advice and compulsion , he decides to spend the nigh in room 1408 of the Dolphin in New York. ” No one has ever lasted for more than an hour in that room .”, Olin(Samuel L. Jackson) tells Mike Enslin(Cusack). What ensues in that room with Mike Enslin resuts in a very effective horror movie.

Right now , I think these are the best , I’ve seen from the 19. But then there’s Superbad , Shoot ‘Em Up , Sin City, Fracture….

And I still have to see No Country For Old Men , The Departed , 3-10 To Yuma , Juno and There Will Be Blood. Maybe , my choices might change after I’ve seen these.


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Wow , just awesome !

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I’m just trying out the built in blog posting system in MS Word 2007. Dunno how this is gonna turn out , but I’m optimistic. Just a bit skeptical about what platforms this thing might support. Nowadays WordPress and Blogger is a must , but Livejournal support would be a pleasant surprise. Maybe I’ll toss in a couple of pics as well…

OK , testing picture no. 1 …

Himura Kenji and Hiko Seijurro from the 2nd Rurouni Kenshin OVA , Seisho Hen.

Hmm , there are tons of in-built picture editing options and the results are pretty decent to look at as well. I guess I should give good old clip art a try now.

Hmm , nice.

Time to test our equations and symbols….

, a simple area of circle equation. There are tons of equation templates to choose from.

Now to test out SMART ART –

Seems pretty fine to me and Calibri is a pretty fine font as well.

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Back to square one…

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Once more I’m back to where I started … Nowhere …
My PC has gone bust again and I’m stuck using my laptop. Sigh … I miss Warcraft and Halo and Gears of War … and COD 4 ….

On the other hand I’ve been working 12 hours a day lately and In 12 days I’ve studied more than I could have studied in 12 weeks during normal time…
I hate procrastination , especially when I do it….

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Spider-fans arise!!!

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I finally saw Spiderman 3 (Yes , after this long a time) and I feel it’s the best Spiderman movie till date. I just loved how much depth each of the characters had , from Harry to MJ , even Gwen. What part of the movie did I love the most , the ending fight of-course.
“You came…” Peter tells Harry. And then it’s pretty much bad luck for Venom and Sandman. Talking about Venom , I loved Eddie Brock. Amazing absolutely amazing… , but coming to the point –  that was one hell of an amazing movie , downright to the part when JJJ gets conned by a kid into paying $150 for a camera and film. Amazing performances from all the actors , particularly James Franco and Toby Maguire.
Well ,  here are some Spidey sigs I made , feel free to use them in public forums…

Spiderman in the Iron Suit from the ongoing Civil War comics series.

Aah! The friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

The same sig , but with a shine.
Would love your feedback….

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Yeah , that’s right…
I dedicate this to all the halfwits who overuse their immense powers of deduction to conclude that I am not a teenager….

For those of you , who wanna know what you’re all about , it’s like this y’all…
This is 10% muck , 20% chill , 15% diluted milk that is spilt.
5% pleasure , 50% shame and a 100% reason to go to hell !!!

I guess this was immature enough to show that I will be 17 this August.
So what , if I’m a tad bit mature for my age.
So what , if I like talking a geek like sometimes.
So what , if I wanna help people with their tech problems.
So what , if my girl-friend of two months broke up with me and I didn’t give a damn.
So what , if I like Dragonball Z.
So what , if I like making AMVs.
So what , if I like Photomanipulation.
So what , if I like exploring fractals in Apophysis.
So what , if I absolutely HATE DotA.
So what , if I love Warcraft 3.
So what , if I don’t appear to be a teenager…
You know what , I don’t care , whether you think I’m a teenager or not. I know who I am and what I am , and that’s what counts.
Oh and before you got to hell , do check these out and tell me how they are…

Voldemort sig , feel free to use it as your signature…

Gogeta sig , for all of you DBZ fans…

I photomanipulated the cover of the new LP album…

For more , go to my DeviantART page

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Improve and optimize your Photoshop CS3 performance!

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Adobe has done it again. It has given us another pathbreaking tool , Photoshop CS3. It is the best and most user-friendly edition of Photoshop till date. Here is a list of ways in which u can improve the overall performance of CS3 and make it faster.

1. Scratch Disks – This is like virtual memory , but especially for Photoshop. By default it is located in the root directory , but it is advisable to change it to a stable defragmented partition. It can be changed easily.

Edit – Preferences – Performance.

a – Check the Active box for each hard disk you want to contain a scratch disk. Uncheck the default selection.

    (Note – the partition with the scratch disk must have plenty of space and must be defragemented regularly)

b – Click OK.

c – Restart Photoshop.

2.Adobe Bridge – When the Automatically Launch Bridge preference is selected, Adobe Bridge will open when you open Photoshop, increasing the time it takes to open Photoshop. Turn off this preference in the General preference panel to reduce launch time for Photoshop.

To turn this option off:
a – Choose Edit – Preferences – General.
b – Deselect the Automatically Launch Bridge option.
c – Click OK.

3.Reducing History States – In Photoshop CS3, each history state that includes an operation that affects the entire image (for example, when you apply Gaussian blur to the entire image) creates a full copy of your image at its original size. The more the changes stored in history , the more the usage of the scratch disk.
To reduce History States goto

Edit – Preferences – Performance

For a more detailed list click here.
Here are some things I made with Photoshop CS3 –
1. Bloodlust – Simple Photomanipulation.

Bloodlust by ~IwW-RisINg on deviantART
Time taken 2-3 hrs

2. Showdown ( A wallpaper I’ve made for the GG-Game wallpaper making contest)

Showdown by ~IwW-RisINg on deviantART

Don’t forget to check out my DeviantART page.

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