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Yeah , that’s right…
I dedicate this to all the halfwits who overuse their immense powers of deduction to conclude that I am not a teenager….

For those of you , who wanna know what you’re all about , it’s like this y’all…
This is 10% muck , 20% chill , 15% diluted milk that is spilt.
5% pleasure , 50% shame and a 100% reason to go to hell !!!

I guess this was immature enough to show that I will be 17 this August.
So what , if I’m a tad bit mature for my age.
So what , if I like talking a geek like sometimes.
So what , if I wanna help people with their tech problems.
So what , if my girl-friend of two months broke up with me and I didn’t give a damn.
So what , if I like Dragonball Z.
So what , if I like making AMVs.
So what , if I like Photomanipulation.
So what , if I like exploring fractals in Apophysis.
So what , if I absolutely HATE DotA.
So what , if I love Warcraft 3.
So what , if I don’t appear to be a teenager…
You know what , I don’t care , whether you think I’m a teenager or not. I know who I am and what I am , and that’s what counts.
Oh and before you got to hell , do check these out and tell me how they are…

Voldemort sig , feel free to use it as your signature…

Gogeta sig , for all of you DBZ fans…

I photomanipulated the cover of the new LP album…

For more , go to my DeviantART page

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Geez , long time no post….

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I know , I know… no need to get started on me ! I’ve been kinda busy lately. After my Ubuntu Xserver crash , I tried all the available methods to restore my Xserver , but DANG ! My bad luck seems to be at it’s worst 😉

So I installed Edubuntu 6.06 ! Don’t be shocked , it’s exactly Ubuntu with some preinstalled Education Software. I like Kalzium the best ! The others sucked. I had made backup copies of all my documents in XP so I recovered them easily. Artwork is on full steam and I finally saw Underworld Evolution. I loved it.

Some classmates found my blog through google because of the Dhoom 2 trailer , and I had to password protect two of my posts. Why? They contained stuff that I’d rather not let my classmates know. Fortunately they were dumb enough not to notice…

Oh! and about the girl I liked , I think she won’t ever break up with her boyfriend… 😦 My problems are mild , there are people who suffer much worse. Emily’s new born neices passed away… Pray for them…

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Dhoom 2 ( trailer)looks rock solid !

Posted on August 22, 2006. Filed under: Bike mark, movies, music, Teen life, Wars |

I liked Dhoom a lot , when it was released in 2004. But now with Dhoom 2 coming up , Dhoom looks bleak in comparision. With Hritik as the antagonist along with Aishwarya Rai… I think those theatre screens are gonna burn !

Here’s a trailer I found on You Tube , Hritik looks mad cool , his best look ever , Ash is herself , Uday still looks like an idiot but I don’t like Abhisek Bachan’s look. The music is red hot . Some of the biggest stars in Indian cinema are gonna go head to head in Dhoom 2 , with the tagline… D:2 Back in Action…. Watch the trailer , then judge.


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Games we play !

Posted on July 30, 2006. Filed under: ANGUISH, emotions, Teen life, Wars |

The games we play are pretty obvious. Well duh ! We are dumb humans after all. We play games with each other every second , every moment. With every breath we play a new game. A game of wits , courage , strength , skills , emotions , achievments and all that typical shit.

We like to call this game as ‘Life’. Have any of you ever wondered that ‘ What is the point ?’ You are born only to die ! So why be born in the first place..?

Why do we acheive ,

why do we love ,

why do we cry ,

if in the end we all must die ?

Why do we feel ,

why do we learn,

why are we born,

if we have to return,

back to where we came from ?

Why is there pain,

why must we weep,

and mourn at death,

if we will die one day..?

Think about this and you will realise that how futile human’s are. Think about this and you will realise that every life is great in it’s own way. Be it big or small… Respect it.

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Heal the world and help me please

Posted on April 25, 2006. Filed under: comedy, emotions, love, Teen life, Wars |

Yeah that's right. I've finally come back where I belong. Here in the blogosphere.It was a long and magical wait , but I learnt a lot . I had a lot of lessons in growing up , feeling frustrated and not being able to do anything to protest against all the injustice being done to teenagers throughout the world. A lone crusader is never succesful , as it is with me. But then a spark is enough to start a flame. My crusade is one against all the schools here is Bhubaneswar and Coaching centres. Our exams ended on the 27th of March and by God ! entrance exams were conducted in all the DAVs on the 1st of April. Damn it , it was so unfair. We had just finished our exams and why the hell should we study so soon.

That's not over yet , all the coaching centres started functioning from 15th April onwards. It sucked so much.
And Emily , I'll mail the Dark Materials trilogy to you as soon as I can.

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God! How much bad news can I endure?

Posted on March 15, 2006. Filed under: ANGUISH, emotions, love, Teen life, Wars |

The boy who I blogged about , in my previous post passed away on Sunday morning. How do I know that? Well , I saw his family members carrying his body in a procession to the jeep , which would obviously take it to the creamtorium. Hindus are cremated , not buried. It was a terrible scene, that procession. I was returning from Sanskrit tuition when I saw that. All of those people , dressed in white, looked like phantoms on the lonely street. I felt as if I was looking at lost souls seeking salvation. Of course , the boy was the soul of the family but now he was gone, and so was their happiness. I saw his sister crying silently on her mother’s shoulder and at the same time , against myself, I was reminded of all the deaths that I had seen. My uncle, my grandpa , my classmate and now this !

I had never felt older in my life. Here I was ,worrying about my exams and just 2 blocks away a boy was dead , never to return again. The procession stopped suddenly and some people looked at me. I realised that I was blocking the road, I moved away in a desperate attempt to move as far away from that place as possible. But I caught some words which forced me to reflect on irony. The late boy’s father , was saying to his uncle that they were going to cremate him in Puri. I couldn’t help , but reflect on how ironical life could be. This boy met his doom while returning from Puri and here was his body going to be cremated in Puri.

Nitish said that people dying of accidents is commonplace and are reported everyday in newspapers. Of course it doesn’t affect you if some Tom,Dick or Harry died in a freak accident , but have you ever thought once that this dying person is someone’s father,brother,uncle and most importantly….son ?! I fear to imagine the grief of father, who has to see the lifeless face of his son. Think about this once and you will realise that every life matters. No matter how small or insignificant.

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Ironic !

Posted on March 10, 2006. Filed under: ANGUISH, Teen life, Wars |

I had my Maths exam  on the 9th of this month. Needless to say that I expect a full score. But there is one thing that I realised about life and it was very painful. It’s just the unexpected that surrounds us , sometimes sudden and unexpected things change our life forever. It’s just not fair , DAMN IT ! Why should all our work , all our planning vanish in just a second that feels like an eternity ? Maybe it’s another one of God’s unreasonable habits. Life is ironic , yes , very ironic indeed. Look at my aunt , for instance. She had a very happy family , a wonderful husband  and a brilliant daughter. But it all fell apart. Her husband was diagnosed with blood cancer and he died after the next three months. Why am I posting all this? It is because of a shocking news that I recieved , just after my exam….

There’s a boy who lives in our locality. He is around 19 , very handsome although careless when he rides his bike. He is a good student and had a bright future. Oh , he is a stud all right, half of the girls in our locality want to go on a ride with him. But all this was destroyed in one second of carelessness. Last night , he was returning from Puri last night with his girlfriend , riding that hellish bike. As usual he was without a helmet. And he had a terrible accident with a truck. He hurt his head real bad and right now he is in coma. There is no news of his girlfriend and the doctors say that his Occipital lobe is damaged and he will never be able to see again. Yesterday he was a handsome with a bright future and today , well , he is deep in coma and with a future as black as the night.

That’s how ironic life is. 

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What’s out to beat Google ?

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Sure Google might be reigning search king right now , but will it be so after a year? Right now the search engine world is teeming with new and emerging search technologies , incorporated by various corporations. What do I see right now, Google losing it’s footing on the search engine market. Let’s all have a look at the various technologies out there….

Probably the most promising contender to overthrow Google. The search precision is better than Google and all the results are relevant , quite unlike Google. All the pages of it’s search result are satisfactory , whereas satisfactory results in Google are around 30% of the total results. This is because of the Deepsearch technology patented by the Kosmix people. Google uses a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to searching which turns up irrelevant and unnecessary results more often than not. Page popularity is not the only thing that determines the utility of the page , and this is where Google falters to Kosmix. In the words of the makers…..

At Kosmix, we’re passionate about building a world class search engine that lets people search less, and discover more great stuff. There are billions of pages on the web that are useful, but never see the light of day through a standard search engine. We want to help you find those great pages, and make it easy and fun to do in the process.

Kosmix – About Us

Of course after disposing off Jeeves , Ask has embarked on a new strategy. The third most popular search engine out there , is all set to take the crown. It has new and improved algorithms , that give out lesser but more refined results than Google. The new image search is a strong competitor. But the most amazing product of the Ask group has been Bloglines.

They say that Krugle is a ‘ Google for developers ‘, but I disagree. Krugle provides features that have not even been developed at Google. Of course it aims at developers , meaning that a huge portion of Google’s traffic is going to shift over to Krugle. Best of luck to them

Ahhh , a truly novel initiative. Wink announces that it is the ‘ Search engine running on people power ‘ The basic idea behind Wink is that users know what users need. In their own words…

As you may have discovered, this is not your typical search engine. For one thing, we encourage you to edit the search concept content. So if you have information to add, go ahead and update it. Don’t be afraid of breaking anything – you won’t! Anything that you do can be updated or fixed later. If you see something that you think is incorrect and needs to be fixed, go ahead and fix it!

We rely on lots of user interaction to help make this an incredibly useful tool for you and other users. You don’t have to edit content to help us do this. By simply clicking on a star to rate a search result, or by tagging a site that you like, you help us improve our results.

Wink:help – Wink

Search the Web – Powered by People


After a long wait , Bill Gates is back with a bang , this time with three major release , lined up. Internet Explorer 7, Windows Vista and….wait for it….. a new search engine which has the potential to literarily blow up Google’s hold on the internet. But then , that would be ill advised because if that happens then MS will dominate the web. Not very good is it. But competition is always welcome. In six month’s time we shall know.

Personal comments :- Personally , I want Kosmix and Google to remain an integral part of the way. A decent MSN search engine wouldn’t be bad, but and MS dominated web would be. I am planning to sitch over to Linux right now , so can anyone tell me where I could get a copy of Red Hat Linux without having to download it?

PS : Wanna listen to me singing again, then click here. Do tell me how it was.

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Tammy found dead in bathroom.

Posted on February 27, 2006. Filed under: ANGUISH, emotions, Teen life, Uncategorized, Wars |

I donot have much to say excepting that all the publicity got to her head and she killed herself.

Want to listen to me singing Tanha Dil , click here oh and do tell me how it was.

Like I said Sex at sixteen and seventeen is harmful not only to your reputation but also to your life.

But check out this newspaper image……


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Is this the beginning of World War 3 ?

Posted on February 25, 2006. Filed under: ANGUISH, emotions, Teen life, Wars |

The violence over the Muhammed Cartoons has still not abated. The wounds are still raw in Pakistan and the injuries have just started here in India. A lot of violence was seen in Hyderabad last week. Students throwing stones at Government buildings and why…? Just because the Indian Government though it best to remain neutral on this issue. But all this violence has finally forced them to take a stance and blimey what a funny stance it is. The government condemned the cartoons saying it was ," an insult to the pious muslims , but it was not reason enough for all the violence…". But in case anyone hasn’t noticed , the muslim people of West Asia are very sensetive. They cried because their God was insulted! I mean , Muhammed was a Prophet , not a God. But still that doesn’t justify the violence. I scoured the web for what others think and found a very scathing commentery on Zipperfish. One of their popular toon scather called Reginold.

It was the most insulting thing I had ever heard. I never thought that racism was so vivid in America. 😡 I am with all the muslims who have to endure a lot in other nations because of the extremist activites of their West Asian counterparts. Reginold represents the mood of America ~ as a popular blogger said. HOLY SHIT !:x If they keep up this attitude then maybe they are calling their own doom. Yeah I know the counter reactions on the Right to expression and free-speech. But that doesn’t mean you can go on insulting other cultures. Remeber 9/11 , maybe the people do remeber 9/11 and are enjoying their revenge. But why should the entire muslim population be demonised becasue of some Muslim terrorists who only do one thing best…..DESTROYING THINGS. Come to think of it , WW2 was fought because of the ill handling of the Jews , then is this the beginning of WW3 because of an insulting Danish cartoon..?



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